LMS and Conferencing Tool Walkthrough

1) Joining the Session, Viewing the Recording, and Viewing Learner Feedback

  • "Join" is the button that can be used to join the training sessions. The link becomes active 10 minutes before the start time. This button will take you to the Conference in which the training session takes place [1].
  • "View" is the button that can be used to watch the recordings of the sessions which have already been conducted [2].
  • "View Interim Feedback" can be used to see the feedback given by the learners about the sessions conducted [3].

2) Add Resources for the Training, Upload Assessment, and View Learner Submissions

  • "Add resource" button is used to add the training materials, resources and other information based on the training course [1].
  • "Upload assessment" tab can be used to upload the assessment conducted on the learners for the client to view [2].
  • All the submissions uploaded by the learners would be found in the learner submissions box [3].

3) Public Chat

The Public Chat [1] panel is located in the upper left-hand corner. If you do not see the public chat option available you may need to select the Users List / Chat Toggle [2] to expand the users' list panel and public chat. You can save or download public chat by selecting the Chat Options [3] menu. Use the Chat Input [4] field to type messages into the public chat. Your chat messages (and messages from other users) will appear in chronological order.

4) Shared Notes


Located under the notes section, select Shared Notes [1] to expand the notes panel. Formatting Options [2] such as Bold, Italic, and Undo / Redo can be found at the top of the notes panel. Select the Import/Export [3] button to download the current notepad. 

5) Action Button

Select the Actions menu [1] in the lower left-hand corner of the presentation window. There are 4 different actions that the presenter can perform:

  • Manage Presentations: You can upload your presentations and choose what to share on screen from the list of uploaded presentations.
  • Start a poll: As a presenter, you can use polling to engage learners, and perform tests or quizzes.
  • Share an external video: Using the Share an external video command, you can share a URL for YouTube, Vimeo, etc. as a direct link to .mp4/.mp3 files.
  • Select random user: This allows you to randomly select any learner from the list of participants attending the session at that point in time.

6) Whiteboard Annotations

The presenter annotations are located on the right-hand side of the presentation display.

Select the Pan tool [1] to display the other available whiteboard tools, which include:

  • Text input
  • Line
  • Ellipse
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Pencil
  • Pan/pointer [default]

When the Pencil tool is enabled, additional menu options will appear that allow you to adjust the Line Thickness [2] and change the Line Colour [3].

Enable Multi-User Whiteboard [4] - The instructor can also enable the multi-user whiteboard; when activated, all users in the session can annotate the whiteboard simultaneously.

7) Create Breakout Rooms and Manage Presentation Controls

Moderators can create breakout rooms via the users' list Cog Wheel [1]. 

The Presentor can mute/unmute themselves, switch on / off their videos and share their screen during the presentation through these control buttons on the bottom-center of the screen [2]

8) Give/ Take presenter role

By default, the first moderator/instructor in the session is made the presenter. Click on the name of the user in the Users list and select "make presenter". To take back presenter status click on your name and select "take presenter".