Profile Building Guidelines

StepUpwards offers you a free profile builder. It has been structured based on industry insights to match what clients look for in an expert like you. On signing-up, as part of the Instructor Onboarding process, you would be sharing your profile data which will be reviewed and set up by us. A complete and holistic profile is important to give clients the necessary information about yourself, and aid their decision-making. This profile would be shared on the StepUpwards platform, and we encourage you to conveniently use it for your other clients (those outside of StepUpwards) too.

Some guidelines to help you build a profile that best reflects your expertise as an instructor in your domain:

  1. Use action/power verbs to make an impact.

  2. Keep each point brief and restrict to a single line.

  3. Order the points well - either in reverse-chronological order or in decreasing order of relevance.

  4. Frame a crisp and interesting “Profile Summary” to give the clients a good sense of how you can add value to their teams.

  5. Specify the “Languages” you’re proficient/comfortable in delivering the trainings. Often this is a filter that clients use.

  6. Under the “Experience” section, provide a detailed break-up of organizations you have worked with and trainings you have conducted. Mention any key positions of responsibility you hold. Use this section to highlight your awards and accolades.

  7. Under the “Education / Certifications” section, include your educational qualifications, mention certifications you have completed or are ongoing, and specify published books/papers that you’ve authored.

  8. Provide 2 to 4 “Testimonials” from your past training clients to strengthen the value of your profile with third-party validation.

  9. You will be provided some diverse and great reference points from our current pool of instructors, to facilitate the profile building.