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Samuel Armes


Samuel has an extensive background in the blockchain and government spaces.

Languages : English

Samuel did research for the United States Special Operations Command on Bitcoin and counter-threat finance. He also did similar research for the United States Department of State on cryptocurrency policy and blockchain technology.

Samuel is currently the President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association(FBBA) and has passed two bills in the Florida legislature.

He spends his free time water skiing and working in the venture capital space.

Education / Certifications
Degree/CourseField of studyOrganizationYearDescription
Bachelor of Arts Economics University of South Florida 2014 -
Bachelor of Science Finance University of South Florida 2014 -
Arabic Language and Literature - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2016 -
CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) - Certified Bitcoin Professional - -

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Samuel Armes

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