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Ritesh Raghuvanshi

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Trainer : Coach. Technology Enablement & Transformation for every business domain. A powerhouse of the process of monetization.

English + Hindi


Technical Interests: FinTech, IoT, Cloud adaption, DevOps on Amazon AWS + Microsoft Azure + Google GCP, Data Curation, API Integration, Process automation RPA, Management, Execution, Digitization, Cloud, FinTech, FoodTech, EduTech, Data Visualization, Automation, AI/ML, Corporate Trainer Faculty.

Consulting Clients (Present / Repeating / Past):

  • Running a Smart School ??????? in Village
  • Teaching Computer Science to class 11,12 at a CBSE affiliated International School
  • A Nepalese hydro-power firm
  • Noble Ventures, USA - big data warehousing
  • BSE Institute Ltd., Dalal St., Mumbai - fintech training
  • Liberty Data Inc., Palm Coast, USA - API solutions, databases, financial solutions, backgroungd reports
  • One Wallet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - fintech solution for local vendors e.g. newspaper, milkman, cable tv
  • St. Jude Child Care Centres, Mumbai - information management system
  • EDeskOnline Pvt. Ltd. - online ERP
  • Direct Marketing Association India (DMAi) - digital transformation
  • Synergy Management Consultants - paperless office, management consulting
  • Hosting Xtreme Pvt. Ltd
  • Campian School, Mumbai
  • Taj Hotels, Mumbai - learning and management systems, digital examination solution
  • NIIT Ltd., Mumbai - corporate training, computer literacy

Education / Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) - Windows Applications + Web Applications
  • St. Xavier's College, Mumbai University - Mathematics Honors
  • Certifications:
    • Creating Effective Dashboards Workshop
    • Certificate of Completion - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Workshop


"It’s been absolutely fantastic partnering and collaborating with Ritesh. He is gifted with the ability to condense complex concepts into friendly bite sized nuggets that can be understood by even the most non-technical person. Furthermore, his energetic personality infuses excitement into anything he pushes or gets behind." - Rajiv Jadhav, Crisis Communications Strategist, RSquare Media Inc.

"Ritesh brings lot of positivity when he is around. He constantly strives to achieve excellence and has apetite to learn constantly new things and implement them. A very good learner and human being." - Kashish Kapoor, OD and Leadership Coach | NLP Practitioner

"Ritesh is meticulous in his working. He is able to effectively execute varied range on tasks and is a good team worker. Wishing him all the best in his new assignments." - Vatsal Asher, CEO at DMAi

"Forever ready to learn and try new things, Ritesh is great to work with. Addition to these is his anytime approachable attitude, good listening and understanding skills, and his coordination skills making it extremely easy to work with Ritesh." - Bhavya Gajra, Instructional Designer

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