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R Ramesh Prasad

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Master Trainer & Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, recognised by ANLP International CIC.

English + Hindi + Tamil


R Ramesh Prasad is an International NLP Master Trainer who comes with a rich corporate experience of 22 years and also as a successful entrepreneur for the last 13 years. Using the versatile models, available through NLP, he primarily teaches the application of NLP in business, work and life, playing the role of a transformer, in particular leadership transformation, engaging senior executives, community thought leaders, home makers, as well as everyday people of influence, who are changing the world. And this journey takes him to different parts of India, Sri Lanka, France, UK and South Africa.

He has been trained, coached, and mentored by SUE KNIGHT, author of the book NLP AT WORK & NLP AND LEADERSHIP. He also been trained in "Generative Coaching" by Robert Dilts, foremost developer, trainer and practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming & Dr Stephen Gilligan, the developer of Generative Change and Creative Mind. Another person who shaped his life is Gene Early, who is associated with Leaders’ Quest International.

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NLP Master Trainer. Certified by Sue Knight and recognised by ANLP International CIC.

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