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Meenakshi MS

Profile Summary
Army Veteran | Image Consultant | Soft Skill Trainer | Life Coach

English + Hindi

  • Freelance trainer - 8+ years
  • Ex-Major in the Indian Armed Forces - 10+ years
  • Investigation, Interrogation, and Satellite Imagery Analysis
  • Former Crime Reporter at Indian Express and Times of India - 3+ years

Soft Skills Training Content which are covered during my training are:-

  1. Leadership Skills.
  2. Effective Team Management and Motivational Skills.
  3. Transactional Analysis.
  4. Interpersonal Skills.
  5. Goal Setting.
  6. Negotiation Skills.
  7. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy.
  8. Customer service.
  9. Selling Skills.
  10. Managing Conflicts.
  11. Vocal and Verbal Communication.
  12. Interview Skills.
  13. Time and Stress Management.
  14. Body Language.
  15. Business, General and Dining Etiquette.
  16. Art and science of creating first Impressions.
  17. Personality Development.

As a Life Coach

  1. Solution-focused perspective toward life's problems which are Client and action-oriented
  2. Fitness Goals.
  3. Breaking bad habits.
  4. Overcoming psychological barriers.
  5. Performance goal coaching-winning the mental game.
  6. Working with difficult emotions.
  7. Clarifying life purpose and direction.
  8. Executive coaching.

Apart from Soft Skills and Life Coach:-

  1. Women Safety -Self Defense -empowering yourself without martial arts.
  2. PoSH Laws at the workplace.
  3. Mirror exercise workshops (getting to know yourself better).
  4. Health - first and for most - journey from being bedridden to running 10 k per day.
  5. Manifestation and how it changes your life .

Courses offered by Meenakshi MS