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Abhishek Bubna / Engulfing Bull [w/ Hari Harlalka]

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Abhishek Bubna is a seasoned trader hailing from a lineage of brokers. He is an author, chief mentor & a trader.

English + Hindi + Bengali


Ex-Broker for NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX, Chief Mentor, 13 years of experience in trading & education. 100+ successful mentees.

He has been a full time trader for more than a decade now. After acquiring a master’s degree in finance from the UK, he understood the potential of the stock markets, and hence he got into trading with his own capital years ago. He has been an avid sportsman with huge interest in Football & Basketball. Having back tested & developed the Ultimate Trading System in the past 13 years, he has now ventured into the field of professional training where he educates people from all backgrounds to undertake trading as a business. His goal is to bring trading stocks and other financial instruments into an entrepreneurial segment and make people understand that this is a serious business which requires proper training. One needs to master technical analysis and understand behavioural finance to be a successful trader.

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Bachelors in Applied Mathematics, UK & Masters in Finance from UK


"It’s very rare to find someone who works super hard to make others successful. This is what I would like to say about Mr. Abhishek Bubna. He himself is a phenomenal trader, with a lot of knowledge about the markets and finance in general. And above all to me he is my mentor, friend and a big brother to whom I look upto when I face any doubt regarding trading or life in general." - Devyanshu Mahajan

"Like many others I always, since eons, was looking for a structured trading course for beginners. I got to know about Abhishek's course via friends and joined it. It would be an understatement to say that Abhishek more than excelled in training us and his insights into the financial markets are beyond most people's. Even post the course culmination, where 99.9% trainers leave you out in the lurch, Abhishek, till date, is there to handhold each and every ex-student whenever they get stuck, even if it is 6am in the morning! I wish Abhishek great success in life and may he continue to help and mentor others magnanimously as he always does." – Unnat Bajoria

"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently." -Anthony Robbins. The right time to learn technical analysis is now and whats much more important is the person whom you get mentored from. I got mentored from Abhishek Bubna and its hard to believe but there will be wonders when you trust this strategy. Just few key points here and there and then the magic happens. You would feel like a wizard. Highly Recommended!!" – Ritesh Bhartia

"Abhishek Bubna is the real deal. He has all the pre-requisite skills to ensure an amateur becomes a professional & successful trader. Under his able mentorship, I have clocked phenomenal returns in the Indian Stock Markets. His guidance & analysis is unparalleled. Having such a great mentor is a blessing to everyone and I highly recommend everyone to take up the art of trading under his mentorship only." – Vineet Jain

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