Web Automation using Selenium 4

English + Hindi + Kannada
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136 hours
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Course Contents

  • Web Automation using Selenium 4.x
  • 100% hands-on with several case studies from web applications appropriate to the topics

Core Java 8 refresher – 56hrs (Java 40 hrs + Testng 16 hrs)
1.Java programming structure
2.Java conditional and loop statement
3.Java Objects
4.OOPS concepts and its implementation in Java
5.Packages, Classes and Methods
6.String handling
7.Java collections used in selenium - List, Set and Map
4.File handling
5.Exception handling
6.Java 8 features - Streams API, Lambda expression, Date-Time API and touch upon other topics.
7.TestNg structure and features, annotations, paramerization, dataprovider, xml, report

Selenium – Basic to intermediate concepts - 40 hrs
1.    Selenium Introduction and Selenium 4.x latest Features
2.    Installing and Setup of Java and Selenium
3.    Locator Techniques and Tools to identify objects
4.    Selenium Web-driver techniques to automate web elements
5.    Functional Testing with Selenium
6.    Synchronization usage
7.    Automate Ajax calls, child windows, popups and iframes
8.    Selenium Java Streams
a.    Automate Sort
b.    Pagination
c.    Filtering Web Tables
9.    Data driven testing using excel
10.    Database Connection
11.    Selenium TestNG integration and execution
12.    Selenium grid concept, configuration and parallel execution – cross browser testing

Selenium Advanced concepts – 40 hrs
1.    Global Environmental Variables Setup and Reusable Components
2.    Concept of Maven - Build Management Tool
3.    Jenkins - Continuous Integration Tool
4.    TestNG Reports for Jenkins Jobs
5.    Extent Reporting Basics for Test Execution Results
6.    Logging - log4j
7.    Page Object Pattern and Page Factory
8.    Selenium Framework Optimization
9.    Selenium CDP Integration
10.    BDD Framework and Cucumber
11.    Version control with GIT and Git integration with Jenkins
12.    Cloud Testing with Selenium-Sauce Labs (as per trial license limitations)
13.    File Uploading and Downloading with Selenium
14.    VM configuration for Spawning test execution

Along with the advanced topics, I will introduce the participants to the concept of framework implementation through Selenium. Or, after the course ends and all the topics have been covered, I can introduce the design and implementation (by then the participants would know all the supporting subjects viz, maven, testng, cucumber, selenium, page object, datadriven through excel and jenkins).


If Cucumber needs to be introduced, additional 24 hrs is required.

Instructor Profile


Mentor - Software Manual Testing and Automation Web Application Functional Testing

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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