Team Congruence

English + Hindi + Bengali
6 hours
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Course Contents

  • To effectively engage, respond, understand, notice & influence internal / external customers
  • To make & take appropriate & essential decisions with clarity & maturity in line with the organizational objectives & culture
  • To get accepted & recognized as promotable within the department
  • To effectively and ethically influence others / peers
  • To collaborate in getting common / organizational goals met
  • To work to create intended results, consequences or outcome aligned to organizational objective/s
  • To be insightful to take priority decisions, handle non-conscious tendencies, manage people, thing, situation to meet common / organizational objectives for the department

  1. Why Soft Skills (People Skills) & Hard Skills (Technical Skills): 10 mins
  2. Communication (How well you engage, respond, understand, notice & influence): 50 mins
    • Communicator Oriented Communication vs. Receiver Oriented Communication
    • Active Listening (AL): Features of AL
      • Encourage – Reassure
      • Confirm – Reflect
      • Clarify – Paraphrase
      • Red Flags – Interruptions Handling (Why, What, How)
    • Non-Verbal Cues (NVC): Features of NVC
      • Nod, Hand/Face Gesture
      • Eye Contact, Posture
      • Speaking – Tone, Pace
      • Red Flag – Reactive Behavioral Pattern (Why, What, How)
  3. Critical Thinking (How well you can make & take decisions with clarity & maturity in line with organizational objective & culture): 50 mins
    • Analysis – Informed Decision
    • Features of CT
      • Creativity, Flexibility, Curiosity, Out of the Box Thinking
    • Red Flag
      • Automatic Negative Thinking (ANTs)
  4. Leadership (How well you are accepted/recognized as promotable within the department): 50 mins
    • Conflict Management & Resolution
      • Delegating (Time Leveraging), Decision Making (Firm, Confident, Quick)
      • Inspiring, Motivating (Peers, Seniors, Juniors)
      • Organizing, Deputizing, Supervising
    • Congruence
      • Values, Thoughts, Language, Attitude, Behavior, Actions
  5. Attitude (How well you come about to effectively & ethically influence others): 50 mins
    • Positive, Confident, Body Posture, Sense of Humor,
    • Courteous, Friendly, Energetic, Patient, Honest
  6. Teamwork (How well you collaborate in getting common/organizational goals met): 50 mins
    • Open to Feedbacks
    • Self-Aware, Empathy (Caring for Others)
    • Rapport Building
    • Collaborating vs. Competing on Shared Goal/s
    • Social (Allowing Space for Others, Connecting, Engaging)
  7. Work Ethic (How well you work to take ownership of your work / department to create intended results / consequences): 50 mins
    • Competitive, Driven, Accountable, Ownership of Work and Department
    • Persistent, Thick Skinned, Time Target Keeper
    • Work Pressure Resilience vs. Mental Resilience
    • Clarity on Job Priority, Result-Oriented
  8. Other Critical Essentials (How insightful you are to take priority decisions, handle non-conscious tendencies, manage people, thing, situation to meet common/organizational objectives for the department): 50 mins
    • Customer Handling: External, Internal
    • Mental States (Awareness Centric)
    • Conditioned Patterning vs. Conscious Patterning
    • Reactive Living Practices vs. Responsive Living Practices
    • Perceptive Filters (Habit Centric)
    • Time Leverage (Time Centric)
    • Self-Worth (Belief Centric)
    • Actualization (Potential Centric)

An open mind ready to explore new possibilities to achieve better and more with each day.

Instructor Profile


Shantanu is an expert in Advanced NLP Training, Coaching, and Human Potential Development. He developed the framework ' NLP+ Lifestyle Process & Excellence Intervention Technology (EIT)' practices.

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  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
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  • Training Recordings
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