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The Talent Management functions are today constantly looking at developing those competencies that are beyond the regular technical skills. This calls for making Employees aware of the attributes that play a key role in managing self and social environment. The objective of our SELF Care program is to help the staff in adopting behaviors that can bring perceivable changes in their way of dealing with self.

Our Wellness Offerings are bifurcated into 3R’s which are phases that transpire change through relevant themes based on the needs and challenges faced by employers and employees. R (Relief) R (Restore) & R (Reinvent) essentially corresponds to the current situation and demands imposed on the entire human race.

There are five major service offerings on the lines of Mental and Physical Immunity, which goes on a cyclical pattern once you move from one phase to another i.e. from Relief to Restore to Reinvent alongside “Mastering the Self” program.

DUA’s Knowledge Potli’s module of “SELF Care” weaves into the Wellness Program that is based on the theme of Relief, Restore and Reinvent. While the Wellness Program builds the confidence and empowers the belief system, Mastering Self adds to the development of competencies that equips individuals to adapt and constantly improvise in the changing scenario of professional life

The module emphasizes on the following list of behaviors:

1. Understanding of various emotions

2. Attitude of transcending from Kinetic Life to Energial Life

3. Different aspects of Listening – Active & Passive

4. Self-drive to achieve goals

5. Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources

6. Adaptability & creative responses to setback and obstacles

7. Leveraging diversity through empathy

8. Wielding effective tactics to build relationships

Both the aspects of modules are designed to make it interactive and provide practical tools and techniques that are easy to implement in day to day activities.





1) To make individuals understand the various factors with regard to building one’s overall wellbeing, making them aware of the limited thoughts and behaviors which can be a barrier in their progress.

2) Equipping participants with the right knowledge to create an empowering belief system with regard to different aspects of life.

3) To make them aware of the survival mechanism of stress, upside of stress activity and how it functions to enhance productivity and a solution-oriented mindset.

4) To make them aware of the importance of possessing clarity in the mind, body, energy and space




Instructor Profile


Sanjay Dua is the Founder and CEO of DUA's Knowledge Potli , Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Trainer and Facilitator catering to different behavioral and wellbeing workshops

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