Professional Interactive Excel Dashboards

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Course Contents

Create Professional Interactive Excel Dashboards from scratch

Module 1 (4 hrs)

Introduction to Excel 2016
•    Excel 2016 Overview
•    Basics of Excel
•    Shortcuts of Excel
•    Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Formulas
•    Text function – Left,Right,Mid,Upper,Lower,Proper,Concatenate Etc
•     Statistical function – Sum. Max,Min, Large, Small, Average Etc
•    Date/Time Functions: Using The TODAY,  NOW & DATE Functions

Create named ranges
•    Create and revise a formula
•    create a formula that references an Excel table
•    use relative and absolute references  

Logical Functions:
•    IFs and Nested IF Functions
•    Using AND/OR/NOT Functions 

More Statistical Functions:
•    Using The SUMIF/COUNTIF, COUNTA,RANK  Functions
•    Array Formulae’s- SumProduct

Chart Data Techniques:
•    The Chart Wizard 
•    Chart Types  -Line,Pie,Bar,Waterfall
•    Formatting/Renaming/Deleting Data Series 
•    Changing the Order of Data Series 
•    Adding Trend Line  , Display data on Secondary Axis
Module 2 ( 4 hrs)

Data Tools
•    Converting Text to Columns
•    Remove duplicates
•    Data Validation

Advanced Conditional formatting:
•    Highlight data on basis of cretin condition 
•    Add data bar
•    Trend lines  

LOOKUP Functions:
•    The VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP , XLOOKUP Functions   
•    Match, Index, Iferror

What if Analysis
•    Goal Seek
•    Data Table
•    Scenario Reports

Module 3 (4 hrs)

•    Creating  Formatting  Simple PivotTables 
•    Page Field in a PivotTable 
•    Formatting a PivotTable 
•    Creating/Modifying a PivotChart 
•    Insert Calculated Field (formulas)

Create 3 Professional Interactive Excel Dashboards from scratch
•    Create dashboard with Sparklines and Conditional Formatting
•    Heat Map Dashboard
•    Business Sales Dashborad

Overview of Macros

Excel Final Assignment


Instructor Profile


Ritu is an expert in Microsoft Office & Power BI with core developmental skills in MS-Excel, MS-Access, VBA, Advanced Excel, RDBMS, and all other areas of data management. She has also written a book on Advance Excel 2016.

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  • Instructor led
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