Photoshop CS5

English + Hindi + Punjabi
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35 hours
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Course Contents

​Learn Adobe Photoshop CS5

15 days (30-40 hrs)

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome to Photoshop Design!
    • Photoshop Help Menu
    • Introduction to Photoshop Workspace
    • Wrap-Up
    • Worksheet: Introduction
  2. Image Size and Resolution
    • Opening Files
    • Photoshop Tutorial
    • Sample Files
    • Digital Cameras and Scanners
    • Worksheet: Image Size and Resolution
  3. The Toolbox, Tool Options Bar and History Palette
    • Photoshop Toolbox
    • Tool Options Bar Palette
    • Foreground and Background Colors
  4. The History Palette
    • Assignment: Show Me!
    • Worksheet: The Toolbox, Tool Options Bar and History Palette
  5. The Layers Palette, Saving Files, and File Formats
    • The Layers Palette
    • Assignment: Show Me!
    • Saving Files
    • Worksheet: The Layers Palette, Saving Files, and File Formats
  6. Using and Understanding Color in Photoshop
    • Color Modes
    • Using Color in Photoshop
    • The Gradient Tool
    • Color Assignment
    • Assignment: Show Me!
    • Worksheet: Using and Understanding Color in Photoshop
  7. Color Correction
    • Color Correction
    • Special Effects
    • Assignment: Show Me!
    • Grayscale Images
    • Worksheet: Color Correction
  8. The World of Digital Art
    • Looking at Computer Art
    • Assignment: Computer Art
    • Worksheet: The World of Digital Art
  9. Photoshop’s Selection Tools
    • Using Filters
    • Assignment: Show Me!
    • Worksheet: Making Selections
  10. Selections – Part 2
    • Manipulating Selection
    • Selecting by Color
    • Color Range Selection
    • Worksheet: Selections – Part 2
  11. Self-Portrait
    • Getting Ready to Create your Self-Portrait
    • Self-Portrait Assignment Considerations
    • Assignment: Self Portrait File
    • Reflection
    • Essay: Reflection
    • Worksheet: Self-Portrait
  12. Using Type
    • How Designers Use Type
    • Using the Type Tool
    • Editing and Manipulating Text
    • Assignment: Show Me!
  13. Type as a Selection
    • The Type Mask Tool
    • Type Assignment
    • Assignment: Type Assignment
    • Worksheet: Type as a Selection
  14. Adding Layers Styles to Text
    • Layer Styles
    • Assignment: Layer File
    • Worksheet: Adding Layers Styles to Text
  15. Adding to Your Self-Portrait
    • Final Project Assignment
    • Assignment: Self Portrait Update
    • Worksheet: Adding to Your Self-Portrait
  16. Final Project
    • Final Project
    • Essay: Final Project Reflection
    • Assignment: Final Project


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An expert in adobe photoshop and lightroom.

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  • Instructor led
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  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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