Office Ergonomics

English + Hindi
Batch Size
9 hours
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Course Contents

This course provides the knowledge and skills to create a comfortable, safe and effective computer workspace.

  • Introduction to ergonomics strategies
  • Instruction on how to adjust office furniture and computer equipment for maximum comfort and benefit 

Module 1: Overview and Introduction (1 Hour)
Module 2: Musculoskeletal disorders and risks (1 Hour)
Module 3: Working Posture & Work Breaks (1 Hour)
Module 4: The Workstation (1 Hour)
Module 5: The Office Chair (1 Hour)
Module 6: Computer Input Devices (1 Hour)
Module 7: The Computer Monitor (1 Hour)
Module 8: Lighting, Glare and Vision (1 Hour)
Module 9: The "Comfort Zone" (1 Hour)

Assessment & Feedback: In-session, pre- and post-session assessments.


Instructor Profile


Experienced researcher in the industrial engineering domain with seven+ years of research experience in implementing ergonomics and human factors principles.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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