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This course is aimed at people who want to apply their NLP skills in the arena of business and professional development. In today’s competitive business environment, companies large and small need a set of powerful tools to ensure people within the organisation are performing at their very best. Directors, entrepreneurs, sales people, managers and marketing professionals will learn and practice how to use NLP for business and personal excellence.

Business today is full of challenges with companies competing for a market share that is shrinking in some sectors. The tools of NLP provide business people with a real edge to exploit their competitive advantage. At this course participants will learn how to apply NLP across various business contexts.

The course allows delegates time to integrate the skills and techniques learned at the course to be practiced and trialled in the field.

Learning and using NLP is a MUST for anyone seeking serious success in business.

Module I: NLP skills for influence, persuasion and effective communication

In this module you will learn skills to be an effective communicator and influencer. NLP was originally developed from the work of effective change agents who were renowned for their ability to communicate and persuade. As a successful business person, it is essential for you to be an excellent communicator, so not only is your message heard clearly but people respond to your message appropriately.

You will learn:

  • Rapid and deep rapport building techniques so you can build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly
  • Rapport to influence; being influential and persuasive within a rapport setting so that the other person responds positively without feeling cajoled
  • Recognizing different communication styles and the how to be able to use language of different communication styles in your every day communication
  • Reading body language and the tonal qualities of voice to interpret whether the spoken word is consistent with the non verbal messages
  • The language of precision. Recognizing and utilizing language patterns effectively by detecting different types of language structures people use and using specific language patterns to elicit and
  • Work with the hidden messages embedded in the language structures

After this module you will have learned key influence and persuasion processes to be highly effective in rapport building and communication in your work place.

Module II: Coaching skills for High Performance

NLP began its life as a model for working with change in others. Since the early days of NLP the formats have evolved to become one of, if not the most effective, models for coaching. NLP Coaching is about creating a context where high performance emerges naturally. The effectiveness can be seen in the results that come from the NLP coaching sessions.

You will learn: The use of the word ‘client' below is to describe the person you are coaching; this could be a paying client, a person in your team if you are a team leader or any person in your company if you are a coach within a business.

  • How to create states of high performance in people you are coaching, so when your clients are in the environment where they were challenged, they perform at a very high level
  • To engage and utilize the bigger part of the client’s mind and bring off line resources to every day awareness for increased levels of performance
  • To elicit and work with pre-conscious trigger points in the client’s experience, to deal with situations where a client loses control and is quickly sucked into challenging situations, or where the situation builds so slowly the client doesn’t realise it until they are totally engulfed
  • How to effectively leverage and align a client’s attention with their intention so that in everyday business situations attention is directed in the most effective and affective direction
  • How to use tasking so the client has a series of practical experiences to layer in behaviours relevant to a new skill or resources in an area of challenge
  • Working and interacting within the client’s own story to build resources and choices

After this module, you will have learned how to use some of the most advanced change models in NLP to create rapid and lasting change in the people you are working with. When using NLP in coaching sessions your clients will find that they now have a plethora of new ways and choices of dealing with areas where previously they were challenged.

Module III: NLP models for business applications: leadership, sales, negotiation and marketing

Having learned NLP core skills for influence and NLP for coaching, it’s now time to work with some specific applications of NLP in business. Whatever your title is within the business, sales, negotiation, marketing and leadership will feature either implicitly or explicitly within your role. Your ability to lead defines how far you progress in your organisation, your ability to sell defines not only how much business you can attract but how well you sell your ideas to colleagues and managers. Your ability to negotiate defines not just your ability to get the best deal, it defines your mental strength and personal effectiveness, and your ability to market defines how you communicate abstract messages in different mediums so that people have a tangible experience of relating to what is being said. For some people, these skills feature explicitly in their everyday work and for others they are more implicit. At whatever level, they will feature in your work as they are fundamental to business success.

You will learn:

  • Effective persuasion processes from NLP
  • The art of getting agreement and closing in sales and negotiation
  • Marketing with NLP, using the language from all communication systems and hypnotic style language to send appealing concrete messages that are listened to
  • Developing your leadership style, connecting with your core leadership qualities and raising your own game to be a strong leader
  • Communicating as a leader when giving public speeches, so that your audience is drawn to you
  • NLP communication and persuasion processes for negotiation; getting agreement when there are differences, reading the other side’s non-verbal behaviour and adapting how you communicate so the other side cannot read you easily

After this module, you will have taken your prior NLP knowledge and combined it with the specific applications of sales, marketing and negotiation with strong leadership, to be highly effective in the many different spheres of business.

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Who is the course accredited by? The program leads to certification as a Certified NLP Business Practitioner through "Sue Knight Books & Talks" and completion of the course is accepted for membership by "The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming" (ANLP International CIC) , UK's foremost NLP advisory body for NLP Professionals.

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Master Trainer & Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, recognised by ANLP International CIC.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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