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Learn to develop Desktop and Web based applications using Microsoft .NET Framework.

Architecture of .NET Framework, C# language, OOP's concept, Delegates, File Handling, Threading, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web Api

ADO stands for Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects. The ADO.NET is one of the Microsoft’s data access technology which is used to communicate between the .NET Application (Console, WCF, WPF, Windows, MVC, Web Form, etc.) and data sources such as SQL Server.

Prerequisites to Learn ADO.NET: You should have basic programming knowledge of C# as well as any data base such as Microsoft SQL Server to gain more knowledge in this training. It is good to have .NET Framework and Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL Server installed on your computer.

Web Forms are web pages built on the ASP.NET Technology. It executes on the server and generates output to the browser. It is compatible to any browser and we can write the code using any of language supported by .NET common language runtime like C#.

ADO.NET (duration – 10 hours)

  1. ADO.NET architecture - 2 hours
  2. working with Connection, Command, DataReader and DataAdapter, Gridview control - 2 hours
  3. perform CRUD using connected architecture, calling Stored procedures, working with Sql parameter. Use various Execute methods of Command object - 3 hours
  4. perform CRUD using disconnected architecture using Dataadapter and Dataset - 3 hours

C# (duration – 16 hours)

  1. Introduction to .NET Framework   
  2. .NET Framework Versions   
  3. Assembly(dll/exe), CLR,CTS, CLS, JIT, MSIL   
  4. .NET code  execution   
  5. Introduction to Visual Studio 2019   
  6. creating Console Application and introduction to C# basics   
  7. Writing simple programs to perform input/output   
  8. Programs using if..else,switch,loops   
  9. C# Basics continued   
  10. Value types, Reference types   
  11. Working with Enumerations, Structures   
  12. Working with Arrays, 2D and Jagged   
  13. Creating Methods   
  14. Pass by value,ref,out parameter   
  15. Optional and Named parameters   
  16. Params keyword   
  17. Introduction to object oriented programming   
  18. creating classes (in Class Library project) using Properties, static, non-static members   
  19. working with constructors   
  20. Implementing Polymorphysm using Method overloading   
  21. Implementing Operator overloading   
  22. Introduction to Inheritance, constructor chaining   
  23. creating abstract method and abstract class   
  24. creating virtual methods   
  25. Overriding the methods in the derived class   
  26. Implementing Shadowing using new keyword   
  27. Working with Interfaces   
  28. Implementing interfaces implicitly and explicitly   
  29. Collections : Arraylist, Hashtable, sortedlist,stack and queue   
  30. Generics : generic methods and collection classes(List<>,Dictionary<>, stack<>, queue<>)   
  31. Understanding Access specifiers in C#   
  32. C# 3.0 features : var, anonymous types, object initializer, collection initializer, Nullable types, extension methods, partial classes   
  33. Delegates and events, Anonymous methods and lambda expression   
  34. Exception handling, Indexers   
  35. Debugging    
  36. File handling and Serialization   
  37. Multithreading and Parallel Programming    

ASP.NET WEB FORMS using C# and .NET framework (duration 22 hours)

  1. Introduction to ASP .NET Web Forms
    1. ASP .NET Programming Model
    2. Web Forms Code Model
    3. The code behind Web Forms
    4. Separation of content & Business logic
    5. Life Cycle of a Web Forms Page
    6. Understanding Application and page Frame works
    7. Application location option
    8. Asp. Net page Structure options
    9. Asp .Net page directives
    10. Asp .Net page events
    11. Dealing with PostBacks
    12. Asp .net Application Folder and Virtual Directories   
  2. ASP .NET Server Controls
    1. Type of server controls
    2. Building with Server Controls
    3. Working with Server Controls events
    4. Html Server Controls
    5. All basic web Server Control including  AdRotator,Calendar,Image, Imagebutton, Panel, Table, FileUpload, MultiView and View.
    6. Validation Server Controls
    7. Understanding validation
    8. Client-Side versus Server-Side validation
    9. Validation Server Controls
    10. Creating User Controls in ASP .NET   
  3. Master Pages
    1. The basic of Master Pages
    2. Coding a Master Page
    3. Coding a Content Page
    4. Specifying which Master Page to use in Page directive
    5. Assigning Master page programmatically
    6. Nested master Page
    7. Using Themes
    8. Creating yours own Named and DefaultThemes
    9. Applying SkinId to the controls for a Named Theme
    10. Assigning Theme Programmatically, in Page directive and web.config   
  4. State Management- Client Side and Server Side
    1. Client Side : Viewstate, Cookies and Querystring
    2. Serverside : Application, Session and Sqlserver   
  5. Caching: Page level, Fragment and using Cache object.
    1. Using Duration, VaryByParam attributes of Output Cache directive
    2. Implementing SqlCacheDependency   
  6. Dataaccess in ASP.NET by using controls SqlDatasource, XMLDatasource,ObjectDatasource
    1. Display controls: Gridview, ListView, DetailsView,FormsView
    2. Display MasterChild related data   
  7. Site Navigation  
  8. Security in ASP.NET   
  9. Debugging and Tracing   
  10. Working with ASP.NET AJAX   
  11. About IIS and deploying ASP.NET application in IIS   

Basic knowledge of C or C++ programming (optional)

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Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Working as a Corporate Trainer for more than 12 years

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  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
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