Managerial Skills on Critical Success Factors

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Course Contents

  • Improved Managerial Skills on critical success factors of Junior/ Middle Managers.
  • Will lead to much better performance and productivity on the job and long term career sustainability.

  1. Definition of Groups
  2. Types of Groups
  3. Aspects of Groups
  4. Characteristics of a Group
  5. Stages of forming a Group
  6. Skills needed to work in a group
  7. Definition of Team
  8. Team formation process
  9. Group vs Teams
  10. Type of Teams
  11. Team Building Activities
  12. Teamwork in Corporate
  13. Definition of Negotiation
  14. Stages of Negotiation 
  15. Key Negotiation Skills
  16. How to develop Negotiation Skills
  17. Preparing for Negotiation
  18. Definition of Execution
  19. Demonstrating Execution Excellence
  20. Top Execution Skills
  21. Executive Leader Qualities
  22. Common Mistakes of Execution
  23. Definition of Leadership Skills
  24. Leadership vs Management
  25. Top Leadership skills
  26. Leadership styles
  27. Improvement of Leadership Skills
  28. Leadership Theories 

Graduates in any discipline working at an junior / middle level (0-8 yrs experience)

Instructor Profile


Finance Professional. 27 yrs experience in Corporate, Education / Mentoring and Entrepreneurship. 5+ yrs with Hindustan Unilever and 14+ yrs with Tata Group. Qualified counsellor with PGD certification. Best selling author on Amazon.

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  • Instructor led
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