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Induction training for new hires to get them project ready.

  1. JIRA
    • Introduction to JIRA
      > Installing JIRA
      > Create Projects & Enable Defect Management
      > Install Zephyr Test Management in JIRA
      > Managing JIRA Dashboard and gadgets
      > Changing User preference and Profile in JIRA
    • Test Management in JIRA
      > Writing and Cloning Test cases in JIRA
      > Searching and Exporting Test Cases in JIRA
      > Sharing issues and search query with team
      > Creating and Executing Test Cases in JIRA
      > Creating search filter for Test Cases
    • Defect Management in JIRA
      > Introducing Defect Template
      > Logging Defects in JIRA
      > Searching defects and doing bulk changes in JIRA
      > Creating search filters for defects
      > Attaching files and screenshots to defects
    • Advanced Search & Introduction to JIRA Query Language
      > Advanced Search in JIRA and Introduction to JQL
      > Subscriptions in JIRA
    • Generating Reports in JIRA
      > Navigate Projects in JIRA
      > Extract Reports in JIRA
    • Introduction to JIRA AGILE
      > Introduction to JIRA Agile boards
      > Creating and managing Scrum Boards
      > Creating and managing KANBAN Boards
  2. GitHub
    • Using Bitbucket to Learn Git
      • What is Git
      • What is Bitbucket Cloud
      • Code Review in Bitbucket Cloud
      • Branching with Bitbucket Cloud
      • Undoing with Bitbucket Cloud
    • Control and Management
      • What is version control
      • Source Code Management
      • Why use Git
      • Install Git
      • Git SSH, Git Archive, Git Ops
    • Repository
      • Setting up a repository
      • Inspecting a repository
      • Saving changes and undoing changes
      • Rewriting
    • Collaboration
      • Syncing
      • Making a Pull Request
      • Using Branches
      • Comparing Workflows
    • Migrating to Git
      • SVN to Git - prepping for the migration
      • Migrate to Git from SVN
      • Perforce to Git - why to make the move
      • Migrating from Perforce to Git
    • Advancement
      • Git subtree
      • Advanced Git Tutorials
      • Merging vs. Rebasing
      • Reset, Checkout, and Revert
      • Advanced Git log
      • Git Hooks
      • Refs and the Reflog
      • Git LFS
      • Git prune
      • Large repositories in Git
      • Git bash
      • How to store dot files
      • Git Cherry Pick

Induction training for new hires to get them project ready.

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This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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