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Course Contents

This course is designed for new Jira administrators who manage Jira software Cloud. In this training course, you’ll get hands-on experience performing important Jira administrator tasks. Configure Jira, manage users, create new projects, update workflows, screens and control access to your products. Through real-world business scenarios, you’ll learn tips and best practices to work as a Jira administrator.

  1. Module 1
    1. Fundamentals of SDLC
    2. Basics of Agile Framework
  2. Module 2
    1. What is Jira
    2. Create a site –free for learning
    3. Creating a Project
    4. Understanding of various templates in Jira
    5. Navigational Overview
  3. Module 3   
    1. Issue operations
    2. Creating an Issue
    3. Attaching a file/screenshot
    4. Cloning an issue
    5. Commenting on an issue
    6. E-mailing an issue
    7. Labelling an issue
    8. Linking issue
    9. Sharing an issue
    10. Logging work on an issue
    11. Moving an issue
    12. Viewing an issue’s change history
  4. Module 4   
    1. Create backlog
    2. Creating a Scrum Board
    3. Creating Kanban Board
    4. Editing a Board
    5. Card Layout, Card Color
    6. Adding Quick Filters
    7. Working Days
    8. Create sprint, start sprint, sprint operations
    9. How to run parallel sprint
    10. Filters on boards
  5. Module 5   
    1. Basic Filter
    2. Advance Filter
    3. JQL(Jira Query Language)
    4. Creating Sample  Filter
    5. What is Filter subscription in Jira
  6. Module 6   
    1. Jira Dashboards
    2. Practice Jira Dashboards
    3. Understand issue workflows
    4. Introduction to Atlassian Marketplace
  7. Module 7   
    1. Jira Reports
    2. Understanding of important reports
  8. Module 8
    1. Revision and Practice
  9. Module 9
    1. Manage  users, groups, permissions and roles in JIRA Cloud
    2. Create users, groups, permissions and roles in JIRA Cloud
  10. Module 10   
    1. Basic Understanding of issue workflow and workflow scheme
    2. Create sample workflow  and associate with the workflow scheme
  11. Module 11   
    1. Basic understanding of issue types, issue type screen schemes
    2. Create issue types, issue type screen schemes
  12. Module 12   
    1. Basic understanding about custom fields in Jira
    2. Understand Notification scheme in Jira
  13. Module 13   
    1. Basics of Automation rules
    2. Examples of Automation rules
  14. Module 14   
    1. Instance Hygiene and handling change request
    2. Tips and tricks for Jira Administrator
  15. Module 15   
    1. How to use Jira for bug-tracking, time-tracking and Agile project management tool.
  16. Module 16   
    1. Question and Answer


  • It will be a continuous assessment based on instructions given during the sessions.
  • The learners will be instructed on how to install Jira and set up a cloud site.
  • They have to do all the operations (e.g. create projects, create tasks, workflows, add issue-types etc. during the sessions)
  • It will be checked and assessed during the live sessions by sharing the screens with the instructor.
  • Continuous assessment
  • Parameters: Tasks/Instructions given during the live sessions.


Instructor Profile


JIRA Trainer Conducting training for software development teams and on Jira Cloud

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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