Java, Spring and Hibernate

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200 hours
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Course Contents

Java / Spring / Hibernate

~25 days [8-hour days]

  1. OOPs concepts [1 Day]
    1. Why OOPs
    2. Object Characteristics
    3. Inheritance
    4. Polymorphism
    5. Abstraction
    6. Encapsulation
    7. Hands-on sessions [Coding sessions]
  2. Java basics [ 3 days]
    1. Objects/Classes
    2. Constructor
    3. Data Types
    4. Types of Variables
    5. Memory layout
    6. Object Class methods
    7. Exception handling
    8. Hands-on sessions [Coding sessions]
  3. Advanced Java concepts [3 days]
    1. Collections Framework & Generics
    2. Concurrency - Multi-threading
    3. IO
    4. Serialization
    5. Hands-on sessions [Coding sessions]
  4. Introduction to Java 8 [1 day]
    1. Lambda/Stream API/Functional Interface[Java 8]
    2. Hands-on session on Java 8[Coding sessions]
  5. Hibernate [3 Days]
    1. ORM concepts
    2. Hibernate
    3. JPA-Hibernate
    4. Hands-on session on Hibernate[Coding sessions]
  6. Spring Framework [5 days]
    1. Spring core
    2. Dependency Injection/Inversion of control
    3. Spring MVC
    4. Spring Data – JPA
    5. Spring REST
    6. Spring boot
    7. Hands-on session on Spring[Coding sessions]
    8. Introduction to Micro Services Architecture
  7. Web development Basics [4 days]
    1. JS basics and advanced
    2. ECMAScript 6 features
    3. Overview of Single Page application
    4. What is React JS
    5. Functional / Class Components in React
    6. Props & State
    7. Event Management
    8. Life Cycle Hooks
    9. Lifting State Up
    10. Forms in react
    11. Axios api calls
    12. HOC
    13. Hands-on session [Coding sessions]
  8.  End To End Project Implementation: [5days] (Group Project): Front End Dev using React JS & Back end Dev using Spring REST , Data-JPA-Hibernate

Project Assessment : - Team-wise Project Demonstration

Basic knowledge in OOPs

Instructor Profile


Corporate Technical Trainer for Java EE, Spring, Microservices, Pivotal Cloud, Angular, React

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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