IFRS for the Financial Services Sector

English + Hindi + Punjabi
35 hours
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Course Contents

IFRS for the Financial Services Sector

  1. Block – I: Employee Benefits – IAS 19
    1. Scope of the standard
    2. Types of employee benefits
    3. Specific discussion with respect to accounting for Short Term employee benefits and Post-employment benefits
  2. Block – II: Business Combination and Consolidation - IFRS 3, 10, 11, and IAS 28
    1. How to identify a Business Combination
    2. Concentration Test and IPO Test for identification of Business
    3. Acquisition Accounting – 7 Step Model
  3. Block – III: Financial Instruments and Fair value – IAS 32 and IFRS 9; IFRS 13
    1. Classification of instrument from the point of the issuer
    2. Compound Financial Instruments
    3. Classification of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities
    4. Initial and subsequent measurement of FA and FL
    5. Amortised cost approach and Fair value approach
    6. De-recognition principles for FA and FL
    7. Embedded Derivative
    8. Hedge Accounting
    9. Concept of Fair value (Concept of Principal market, Most advantageous market, Highest and Best use etc.)
  4. Block – IV: Revenue and Leases – IFRS 15 and 16
    1. 5 Step model on Revenue
    2. Identification of lease
    3. Accounting for lease in the books of lessor and lessee
    4. Other issues (Ex. Sale and lease back, sub lease etc.)


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I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. I have been into teaching students and training in the corporate sector for last 22 years plus. My core area of specialization is IFRS.

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