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Six years back in 2015, United Nations had launched 17 sustainable development goals to make people recognize the importance of happiness within their lives. With the sudden drop in happiness quotient as well as understanding and experiencing happiness, there is a starching raise in ambiguity, uncertainty, and anxiety. Perhaps we are growing much more intelligent, with no dearth of opportunities, making handsome money, but one area where we lack control of our minds is to be in the moment and enjoy the flow of life.

We believe that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental goal, and through our workshop, we try to establish the importance of recognition as a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach that can promote the overall happiness and well-being of people. We have used a statistical approach to arrive at factors that define the happiness quotient, given its subjective and can vary amongst individuals. As the workshop proceeds with clarity in understanding of the source of happiness, it elevates to a more mindful approach towards our lifestyle, and then shares tools and techniques to balance one’s approach towards life and its various phases which can help create a more mindful and pragmatic approach towards oneself.

  • The workshop will run for a duration of 3 hrs.(learning hours can be flexible basis the client’s requirement), covering around 25-30 individuals per session to maintain quality and impact. We can span the module as per the needs of the client
  • The program will include multiple exercises to help have better self-awareness, leading to interventions and simulations focused on practicing self-control as well as controlling our reactions towards various scenarios


  • ✓ Self-actualization and analysis of attributes that govern our set of behaviors.
  • ✓ Master the art of concentration with guided meditation techniques
  • ✓ Recognize one emotion that has direct control on our behavior patterns
  • ✓ Art of focusing on the right relationship through the 4C’s concept-i.e., Care, Competence, Consistency & Character
  • ✓ Thrust on Habit-forming exercises that are built on the 5 fundamental principles of life vis-à-vis Personal, Relationships, Spirituality, Health, Work & Finance


  • ✓ Understanding of one’s own primary source of happiness and ways and means to enhance the same
  • ✓ Learn the art of practicing detachment, and one’s ability to have an individualistic approach towards work as well as relations
  • ✓ Release and overcome limiting Belief Patterns and Habits
  • ✓ Master the art of Habit formation through various exercises

Instructor Profile


Sanjay Dua is the Founder and CEO of DUA's Knowledge Potli , Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. Trainer and Facilitator catering to different behavioral and wellbeing workshops

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
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  • Training Recordings
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