Google Analytics Implementation, Configuration and Reporting for Actionable Insights

English + Gujarati + Hindi + Marathi
20 hours
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Course Contents

  • Get hands-on experience with using Google Analytics, able to handle and manage google analytics reporting individually​.
  • Complete Overview with hands-on use of Google Analytics tool, its practical implementation & best insights of reporting & taking actionable steps.

  1. Need, use & benefits of Web Analytics
  2. Key Basic Concepts & Terms
  3. Account setup
  4. Account Structure
  5. Analytics Code Implementation
    • Understanding its process & getting the code
    • Cross check implementation by developer
    • Try hands-on implementation on micro-site
  6. Analytics User Management
  7. Goal Setup
  8. Taking a look through the Dashboard & getting overview of results from it
  9. Learning reporting
    • Understanding available options
    • Creating saved reports
    • Automation options
    • Best practices
  10. Using Audience Section:
    • Understanding your end user closely
    • Elements which define their engagement
    • Knowing user likes & dislikes
    • Key metrics to improve upon
  11. Using Acquisition Section
    • Understand where your users come from
    • Leverage your spend & know what’s working better
    • Link different channels for getting required insights
    • Know which channel of acquisition engages the user more
    • Strategy for Advertising
  12. Getting closer to user behaviour
    • Evaluate your user flow & behaviour on your website
    • Get site speed insights & how to improve it
    • Know what your user is looking for
    • Test & experiment for optimization
    • Know insights of your revenue generation through your content
  13. Understand users who convert
    • Know the conversion cycle
    • Visualize where users leave & what is their metrics
    • Dig deeper with knowing all channels used & their multiplicity
    • Re-connect better with engagement metrics tracked for better results
  14. Using Real Time reporting
    • Knowing performance at the moment
    • Taking advantage when running live campaigns
    • Tracking Effectively
  15. Know about customized reports
    • Create something new yourself
    • Take experts help with their reports
  16. Iteration & Analysis, Future Scope & Conclusion

Note: There would be a Q&A session, quizzes, guidelines for Google Analytics Certification & hands-on practice with Google’s website & on a micro site & any other client website, as part of the training.


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Digital Marketing Professional & Trainer helping businesses learn about digital marketing and get optimum results from their marketing strategies.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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