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8 hours
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Course Contents

  • Excel Dashboards are a great way to summarize your business information in one page and access data at one click
  • It saves time as well as it is super flexible
  • Dashboard skills are in great demand. It is a valuable skill to have. Even better if you can build them in one of the most widely used pieces of software - Microsoft Excel.

Module 1: Advance Excel Chart Techniques - 1.5 Hour

  1. Chart Overview: When to use which excel charts   
  2. Add total values to stacked Excel column charts   
  3. Add dynamic series label inside Excel charts   
  4. Secret: Excel bar for Additional control   
  5. Info-graphics in Excel: Impressive Bar chart   
  6. Dynamic Excel Map chart with dynamic drop-down (only in Excel 365)

Module 2: KPI Excel Dashboard - 1 Hour

  1. Dashboard wire-frame in Excel   
  2. Spreadsheet setup   
  3. Setup raw data sheet   
  4. Setup excel calculation sheet   

Module 3: KPI Excel Dashboard: Scrolling Tables & Bars - 1 Hour

  1. Setup combo box to ease selection   
  2. Complete lookup with Index & match   
  3. Scrolling data table in Excel   
  4. Conditionally formatted data bars   
  5. Arrows for deviation in Excel

Module 4: KPI Dashboard Dynamic headers - 1 Hour

  1. Conditional comment in header   
  2. Adding shapes and text box in Excel   

Module 5: KPI Dashboard Top/Bottom KPI based on selection - 1 Hour

  1. Top 6 matches with unique identifiers   
  2. List box to select KPI for top 6 matches   
  3. Option button to toggle top or bottom 6   
  4. Actual to Budget comparison   
  5. Finalize top/bottom report in Dashboard   

Module 6: Scrolling Line chart with check Boxes - 1.5 hours

  1. Complex Excel lookup to prepare data for scrolling chart   
  2. Scroll-able line chart   
  3. Trick to avoid crashing lines in Excel line chart   
  4. Check Box to Control Series Visibility in Excel   
  5. Excel Line Series Tweaks for Better Readability   
  6. Finalize Profit Comparison Section on Dashboard   

Module 7 - 1 Hour

  1. Restrict Excel Dashboard Area and Format for Printing   
  2. Excel Dashboard Protection, Hyperlinks and Final Touches   


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Advanced Excel knowledge with success in maintaining and organizing data, including dictionaries, power pivot, power query and cross-reference indexes across a broad range of industries.

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  • Instructor led
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