DotNET Induction

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Course Contents

Induction training for new hires to get them project ready.


  1. OOPS - 2 hours
    • Polymorphism & Encapsulation
    • Class Inheritance & Abstraction
  2. .Net Framework - 2 hours
    • What is .NET Platform? - What is .NET Framework
    • .NET Framework, Languages, and Tools
    • Know the new productivity Tool ‘VS’
    • .NET Core vs .NET Framework
  3. Basics of C# - 6 hours
    • Expressions, Data Types, and Variables
    • Value Types and Reference Types
    • Nullable Types, Control Statements: Selection, Loops
    • Conditional Statements, Namespaces
  4. Introduction to classes: Methods, Properties, Structs, Interfaces, Abstraction, Enums - 6 hours
  5. OOPS in C# - 6 hours
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism: Static, Dynamic
    • Overloading Operators & Encapsulation
    • Boxing and Unboxing
  6. Advance C# concepts - 8 hours
    • Delegates and Events, Exception Handling, Using Attributes, Generic Collections
    • Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expression, Regular Expression, LinQ
  7. Package building - 2 hours
    • Create NuGet package or Library (.Net Standard)
    • Windows Services and Console app
  8. Basics of ASP .Net MVC - 12 hours
    • Fundamentals
    • Working with Controllers, Razor Engine, Routing, Attribute Routing, Action Methods
    • Passing Data from controller to view, AJAX in ASP.NET MVC
  9. Introduction to Restful API - 4 hours
    • Features & Constraints, HTTP Verbs, Request headers, body, parameters.
    • API Responses, Status Codes, Working with Postman
  10. Basics of ASP.NET Web API project - 6 hours
    • ASP .NET Core vs ASP .NET MVC; .NET Core command line and Package manager
    • ASP.NET MVC Core project structure and Architecture; Application startup: Program class, Startup Class
    • Environment Configurations: appsettings.json
  11. Configuring API services - 6 hours
    • Route constraint and route token
    • Middleware component and configuration
    • Building Request pipeline
    • Dependency injection
    • Application Logging: SeriLog
  12. Api contract creation - 4 hours
    • IActionResult
    • Register data service class for dependency injection
    • Inject services in controller
    • Response type handling
    • Manage routes
    • DTO classes
    • Serialization, Deserialization
  13. Advance ASP.NET concept - 8 hours
    • Error Handling
    • Filters
    • Security, Authentication, and Authorization
    • Model Binding
    • Session
    • API documentation: Swagger
    • Unit testing
  14. Entity Framework - 12 hours
    • Data Access Pattern: Repository, Unit of work
    • Configuring connection and Database mapping
    • Create Entity, Data Service, Implement CRUD functionality
    • Scaffold CRUD operation with database using Entity Framework Core
    • Model creation and configuration
    • Attributes, Migrations
  15. Basics of SQL Server - 6 hours
    • DML Queries (Insert, Update,Delete)
    • DDL Queries (CREATE, ALTER and DROP)
    • Select Query
    • Constraints: Unique, Primary, Foreign Key
  16. SQL Data Clauses - 6 hours
    • Grouping: Group By Clause, Having Clause
    • Sorting: Order By Clause
    • Filtering: Where Clause
    • Operators: Arithmetic, Bitwise, Comparison
  17. SQL Joins - 4 hours
    • Inner Join
    • Left Outer Join
    • Right Outer Join
    • Full Outer Join
  18. SQL Advance concepts - 6 hours
    • Stored Procedure
    • Indexes, Views
    • Cursors
    • Functions: User-defined, Aggregate
    • Triggers
  19. Advance Courses highlights - 10 hours
    • Domain Driven Design
    • Clean Code Architecture
    • Test Driven Development
    • Monolithic vs Micro-services
    • Build and Publish Web app
  20. Capstone project implementation
    • IMDB backend cloned for TV series listing and rating.


  • Frequency: Fortnightly reporting
  • Module-specific and Overall assessment
  • Parameters: E.g., Back End Architecture + Command on C# + Integrating back-end & front-end

Computer Science education and coding knowledge

Instructor Profile


Expert trainer in, MVC, Angular, ReactJS, SQL Server with over a decade of experience. Expertise in Leadership, Team Building, and end-to-end project delivery.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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