Developing Metaverse with Unity

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Course Contents

Learn advance Metaverse Experience development using Unity in Decentraland / Sandbox / Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. Math:
    • Making a Mathematics library in C# from scratch.
    • Bitwise, BitBoards
    • Vector mathematics in 2D and 3D
    • Collision detection and ray casting.
    • Affine transformations
    • Quaternion rotate
    • Matrices
    • Angles
    • Interpolation
    • Trigonometry
  2. Game One:
    • Tower Defence Game: using Breadth first search
  3. Game Two: Master Procedural Generation
    • Modular models
    • Exploring Generation creation algorithms from simple to mathematically advanced and perfect structures
    • Manipulated with code.
  4. Game Three: Mastering Procedural Generation II
    • Voxels
    • Polygons meshes
    • MeshAPI : parallel mesh creation
    • Parallel processing : Unity Job System
    • Infinite terrain generation
    • UV , texture atlases
    • Perlin noise
    • Loading
    • Saving data
    • Make Virtual cities : self-project using Perlin noise
  5. A.I Level I
    • Design, program NPCs
    • AI
    • Implement AI Unity
    • AI techniques : navigation, developing, decision making abilities in NPCs
  6. A.I Level 2+
    • Make a behavior tree API in C#
    • Design and program Advance intelligent behaving
    • Goal-Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) library: make from scratch.
    • Debug
  7. M.L – Level 1
    • Genetic algorithm from scratch
    • Neural network from scratch
    • Tensorflow
    • Integrate contemporary research ideas in the field into their own projects.
    • Mathematics and statistic: machine learning
    • Use a Proximal Policy Optimization to train a neural network.
  8. Network: Mirror and PUN 2 (we will make multiple network games to understand the below)
    • Online multiplayer: Mirror.
    • Game unlimited players
    • Client-server model
    • Steam API.
    • Syncing variables, remote procedure calls (RPCs) and writing server authoritative logic.
    • Matchmaking.
    • Multi-select, unit spawning, combat, nav mesh movement, mini-map, and more.
    • FPS
    • Mobile controls
  9. Game:
    • Advance Character Animation.
    • Advance Helicopter and Tank Physics
  10. Game for VR / AR / MR using the above knowledge, making a full project like
    Alt Space with voice chat, image tracking and all network aspects learned from
    above(very detailed)

Basic programming in OOP with any language.

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Teaching and developing experiences for Metaverse, using Unity, Roblox, LoVR, Love2D using C#, LUA, TypeScript, Python.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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