Design Thinking, Prototyping and Testing

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Learn how to use the five-step design methodology (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) to create customer-centric products and services. With practical case studies and design frameworks, this course trains you to innovate.

  1. Fundamental understanding of basic frameworks like “5 Why’s “ and “6W”
  2. Understanding the importance of all the stakeholders by learning the art of conducting interviews and shadowing your potential users.
  3. Mapping your customers by creating their personas and journey to understand their point of view and formulating HWM (How we may) statements.
  4. Various techniques to get new ideas some of which include Crazy cards, Dotmocracy, How-Wow-Now matrix etc.
  5. Making paper prototypes, Digital Prototypes, Storytelling board followed by formulating a role play
  6. Testing the idea with users using various testing techniques like user tests, Test Capture Grids, Testing Cards etc.


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Currently working as a UI/UX Trainer & Consultant with 14+ yrs experience in Digital Domain.

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