Design Thinking and UI UX Design

English + Hindi + Marathi
Batch Size
60 hours
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Course Contents

Induction training for new hires to get them project-ready.

Over ~2 months

  1. INTRO TO UI/UX - 10 hours
    • Evolution of UX Design
    • Design processes: Design thinking, design sprints, lean UX, etc.
    • Roles and responsibilities of a UI/UX designer
    • Common UI/UX research methods
  2. EMPATHIZE AND IDEATE - 10 hours
    • Empathize with users to understand their needs and pain points
    • Sort and organize data collected during UX research
    • Create empathy maps, personas, user stories to understand user needs.
    • Develop problem statements to define user needs
    • Conduct competitive analysis
    • Generate ideas for possible solutions to user problems
  3. ARCHITECTURE & FLOWS - 10 hours
    • Organize website/app structure using Sitemaps, User Flows, and Task Flows
    • Card sorting
    • Sitemaps
    • User flow/task flow diagrams
    • Choose a project topic and research it.
    • Quick sketches
    • Digital wireframes
    • Prototype wireframes and test early to find problems
    • Continue work on the project
  5. UI DESIGN & PROTOTYPING - 10 hours
    • Visual design principles
    • Web and mobile app/website heuristics
    • Material Design and Human Interface Guidelines
    • Build mockups in Figma
    • Design systems to organize, standardize, and enhance designs
    • Design hand-off to engineers
    • Continue work on a personal project
  6. USABILITY TESTING - 10 hours
    • Web Standards & Accessibility 
    • Usability Testing Methods
    • Moderated vs Unmoderated Testing
    • Usability Testing Tools
  7. Project - done during the training of the above modules
    • Option 1: E-commerce Portal
    • Option 2: Community Based App
    • Option 3: Fitness Mobile App


  • Frequency: Fortnightly assessment
  • Module-specific and Overall assessment
  • Parameters: Research & Analysis + Planning & Ideation + Design & Testing

Induction training for new hires to get them project-ready

Instructor Profile


Currently working as a UI/UX Trainer & Consultant with 14+ yrs experience in Digital Domain.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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