Decode & Eliminate Stress

English + Gujarati + Hindi
6 hours
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Course Contents

  • Discover fundamental nature of stress and occupational stress model
  • Apply cognitive psychological models to sail over stress, anger, anxiety, fear
  • Learn to apply clinical problem solving tool to respond realistically under any situations
  • Use theta state of mind state of sleep for implanting deepest ideas & inspirations
  • First step to become rational influential leader
  • You will have empowering knowledge to use your rational intelligence for your growth and peace
  • You will be able to find solutions & implement tool to eliminate the problem rather than being anxious & stressing all the time
  • Induce Peaceful sleep (including people taking sleeping pills for insomnia)
  • Able to apply techniques in day to day life


“People largely disturb themselves by thinking in a self defeating manner”. Albert Ellis

  1. Case History Session aka “Clinical Interview or Psychological Intake”
  2. Fundamental nature and concept of the stress
    • Understanding of stress
    • Introduction to the occupational stress model
    • Job stressors - Role Ambiguity & Role Conflict, Workload, Organizational Politics, Demand & Control, Work-Family Conflict
    • Job strain - psychological reactions, physical reactions, behavioral reactions
    • Stress Consequences - Burnout


  1. Rational emotive therapy (RET) by Albert Ellis is designed to reveal and breakdown
    • 10 common irrational beliefs that leads to emotional distress
    • RET restructures individual’s belief systems that are hindering their creative, spontaneous and emotionally satisfying life
  2. Cognitive behavior technique (CBT) involves coping with stressors
    • Learn 10 coping statements adapted from stress Inoculation Training


  1. This is the most powerful flip model. It helps you become your own problem solver coach.
  2. This clinical model operates at a higher level of awareness than the defense mechanism.
  3. You will learn how to quickly respond & make rational decisions under any situations.


  1. Understand the working of the human mind
  2. Certified Training on Human Mind - Prevention Hacks at Mind level
  3. Step by step procedure of self hypnosis to enter into your own subconscious mind to shape your reality
  4. Practice the meditative state of sleep for implanting deepest ideas & inspirations
  5. Experience relaxed sleep or Theta state of mind and Wake up energized


Assessment Tool: Brief Stress Coping Inventory

  • BSCI is a standardized psychological assessment tool to measure the stressors and coping strategies of individual life
  • It is used as a diagnostic tool by Industrial psychologists to understand and counsel employees

​Optional (chargeable) Personal Discovery Session: 40 Mins Personalized clarity session for accurate detection of problem and recommended solutions.

Detailed Notes, group work and hands-on practice through skill development sessions, Q&A sessions are provided.

Instructor Profile


Industrial Psychologist & Millennial Stress Specialist, working in the field of human mind and human intelligence.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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