Data Analytics Program

English + Hindi + Gujarati + Telugu
Batch Size
8 hours
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Course Contents

  • Learn the basics of Data Analytics
  • Common mistakes of Data Visualization
  • Best way to present the charts/graphs
  • Storytelling using Data
  • Techniques of making the best of Data Analytics for decision making

  1. Introduction to Data
  2. Understanding of types of data
  3. Descriptive Statistics
  4. Measures of Central Tendency & Variability
  5. Pie, bar, line, column, combo Charts
  6. Histogram, Pareto plot, Scatter plots to find correlation
  7. Storytelling techniques using Data

Who Can Take This Course? Anyone and everyone who loves numbers and computer codes! From students to working professionals and data analysts and machine learning specialists, this course is open to all.

  • Basic computer skills 
  • An understanding of high school mathematics or statistics (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!)
  • A strong zeal to learn and upskill yourself. Inquisitiveness and passion are the key!

Instructor Profile


Expert in Python, Anaconda, Orange, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Assessment
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