Conductometry for Analytical Chemistry

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Course Contents

A brief description for practical understanding of conductometry, an electrochemical method to monitor the progress of a chemical reaction. For chemistry graduate, postgraduate students and laboratory technicians to facilitate  conductometric operations in analytical chemistry laboratories.

  1. Principal and important terminologies used while operating conductometer
  2. Measurement of conductance by Wheatstone Bridge method
  3. Methodology of measurement using Conductivity cell and determination of Cell constant
  4. Instrumentation
    • Current source
    • Conductivity Cell
    • Electrodes
  5. Conductometric Titrations
    • Acid base and neutral Titrations
    • Redox Titrations
    • Complexometric Titrations
    • Precipitation Titrations
  6. Advantages of conductometry and it's application in industries and research laboratories.

Basics of electrochemistry, neutralization reactions, redox reactions and complex compounds.

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