Communication Skills for Business Development

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Course Contents

Session On communication Skills

  1. Session – I Day 1
    1. Part - I
      1. Communication: Elements / Process /Pyramid and Levels.
      2. Communication Barriers
      3. Communication Styles
      4. Activity: Communication Style? What is yours?
    2. Part -II
      1. Listening
      2. Listening Vs Hearing
      3. Listening: Needs it fulfils
      4. Listening Facts
      5. Listening blocks
      6. Signs that you are listening
      7. Steps of good listener
      8. Paraphrasing
      9. Summarizing
      10. Small talk
      11. Activity: You and Others
  2. Session 2: Day 2: Negotiations
    1. Why Negotiations?
    2. Negotiation strategies
    3. Negotiation styles
    4. Per negotiation planning
    5. Preparing for Negotiation
    6. Conducting Negotiation
    7. Communication skills while Negotiating
    8. Body language
    9. Negotiation Tips
    10. Dealing with tricky Negotiations
    11. Discuss- case studies
  3. Session 3: Day 3
    1. Part - III
      1. Effective communication Strategies
      2. Should do
      3. Should Avoid
      4. Body Language Behaviour to be Avoided.
      5. Quality Communication (Handling Difficult conversations)
      6. Activity: How Emotional are you?
    2. Part IV
      1. Empathy while Communication
      2. Listen without Interruption ‘pause and image how the other person is feeling
      3. Reflect back what the other person has said
      4. Validate their Communication
      5. Offer support by saying something like “let’s try to figure this out”
      6. Activity: Check your EQ Level?

  • There are Five Set of Soft Skills mentioned below which needs individual attention to have an impact and change in one’s behavior and personality.
    • Communication skills (Vocal and Verbal Communication skills)
    • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy.
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Body Language.
    • Interpersonal Communication
  • As per client's request these 5 skill sets have been integrated together for a one-hour session each on two days.  
  • Recommendation: To have an effective impactful change in one’s personality its recommended that each skill set is given individual attention as all these skills are interlinked with each other.

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Army Veteran | Image Consultant | Soft Skill Trainer | Life Coach

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