Communication and Soft Skills

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Course Contents

  • Soft skills while dealing with external stakeholders
  • Handle interactions and dealings with a balance of diplomacy and firmness
  • Negotiation skills

  1. Stakeholder / Customer care
  2. Body Language
  3. Conflict management
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  5. Communication skills (Vocal / Verbal skills and Interpersonal skills)
  6. Negotiation skills

Suggested Duration:  ~8 hours of training on each topic of choice

E.g., Communication skills (Vocal / Verbal skills and Interpersonal skills) - 8 hours:

Communication will be practiced as under: 2 hrs

  1. Communication Process - 6 steps/Body language
    • Elements of Communication Process
    • Communication process – Key point.
    • Biological process of Communication
    • Communication Pyramid
    • Albert Mehrabian Rule and Application /Body language.
    • Types of communication.
    • Vocal and verbal elements: Pitch / Word stress/Tone/Volume/Pause/Rate of speech/Vocabulary.
    • Communication Barriers: Physical/Psychological/Technology/Linguistic.
    • Questions: Function/Type/open ended/leading/Hypothetical.
  2. Communication Styles 2 hrs
    • Aggressive
    • Passive
    • Passive aggressive
    • Assertive
    • Break out room activity
  3. Listening
    • Listening Vs Hearing
    • Needs it fulfils
    • Listening facts
    • Listening blocks
    • Signs that you are listening
    • Steps of good listener
    • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizing
    • Small talk
  4. Effective Communication Strategies
    • Should do
    • Should Avoid
    • Body Language Avoid
  5. Summing Up -Q&A

E.g., Negotiation skills - 8 hours:

  1. Negotiation Styles
    1. Accommodating (to minimise loss)
    2. Avoiding (insignificant issues)
    3. Collaborating (win -win)
    4. Competing (often strategic)
    5. Compromising (conflicting resolution)
    6. Hard Negotiation (involves negotiation of positions rather than interests) 
    7. Soft Negotiation (treats participants as friends rather than competitors) 
    8. Principled Negotiation (focuses on interests, not positions)
  2. Pre-Negotiation Planning (10 step process)
    1. Preparation for negotiation 
    2. Set your negotiation goal
    3. Set alternative goals
    4. BATNA (Beat Alternative to Negotiated Agreement)
    5. WATNA (Worst Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement?)
    6. Getting on to secondary bases
    7. Doing your homework.
    8. Get organised
    9. Who else is on your side?
    10. Psyche yourself for negotiation
  3. Conducting Negotiations
    1. Buyers Negotiation Objectives (interests)
    2. Sellers Negotiation Objectives (Interests)
    3. Negotiation Tactics (for example Auction, Bogey Flinch)
  4. Communication Skills while Negotiating
    1. Oral Communication
    2. Non-Verbal Communication Symbolic/Vibes/Paralanguage / Kinesics
    3. Listening – A strong negotiation Skill
  5. Body Language –      
    1. Avoiding eye contact
    2. Making excessive eye contact
    3. Fiddling with objects such as hair pencils or papers
    4. Crossing and uncrossing the legs
    5. Keeping legs and arms crossed
  6. Negotiation Tips
    1. Don’t be intimidated by status. We are so accustomed to showing deference to titles and positions that we carry our attitudes to the negotiating table. It is well to remember that some experts are superficial.
    2. Never accept the first offer – many people do?? There are reasons not to.
  7. Common Mistakes to be avoided
    1. Creatives responses
    2. The Dozen … Conflict Resolution Skills
    3. Dealing with Tricky
    4. Negotiators – How do you respond to??
  8. Breakout room Activity 1
    1. Think of recent negotiations in which you have been involved.
    2. Story of 2 brothers.
  9. Negotiation Strategies (Case Study) Activity no 2
    1. Approach / Strategy:  Lowball & Vinegar and Honey Technique.
    2. Pinpoint the Need and Challenge
    3. Feinting
    4. Limited Authority
    5. Good Guy /Bad Guy
    6. Defer / Split the Difference.


Instructor Profile


Army Veteran | Image Consultant | Soft Skill Trainer | Life Coach

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  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
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  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
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