Blockchain Basics & Ethereum Developer

English + Hindi
25 hours
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Course Contents

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • NFT
  • Smart Contracts
  • Remix
  • Truffle

  1. Basics Review of Blockchain Technology
    • Review of Blockchain Technology
    • Ungraded Pre-Assessment
    • Contextualizing Blockchain
      • Distributed Ledgers
      • Consensus Mechanisms
      • Mining in Ethereum
      • Public and Private Blockchains
      • Distributed Ledger Platforms
    • Module 1 Grade Assignment
  2. Blockchain Primitives
    • Blockchain Primitives
    • Ungraded Pre-Assessment
    • Cryptography, Trees and Structure
    • Cryptographic Hash Functions
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Merkle Trees
    • Blockchain Structure
    • Smart Contracts Nodes
    • Blockchain Forks
  3. Ethereum Basics
    • Ethereum Basics
    • Ungraded Pre Assessment
    • Accounts
    • Transactions
    • Gas and Fees
    • Ethereum Structure
    • Externally Owned Accounts and Ethereum Transactions
    • Generating Ethereum Addresses
    • Module 3 Grade Assessment
  4. Smart Contracts:
    • What Are They?
    • How Do They Fit In Our Mental Model?
  5. Remix
    • Introduction to Remix
    • Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 1
    • Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 2
    • Solidity Background and Context
    • Solidity Data Types and Variables
    • Solidity Functions
    • Solidity Storage and Memory
    • Solidity Contract Structure
    • Smart Contract ABI
    • Solidity Events and Logs
    • Solidity Factory Contract
    • General Finance and Access Control: Multi-Sig Tutorial
    • Upgradable Contracts
    • Additional Material: Upgradable Contracts
    • Optimizing Gas
  6. Web 3 Javascript Libraries (Web3.js and ethers.js)
    • Connecting to a Smart Contract Using Web3.js
    • Introduction to Javascript for Dapp Development
    • Introduction to Infura
    • TDD and Truffle Tests
    • Truffle Debugger, Configuration, Mainnet Forking
    • Other Development Tools: Hardhat, Scaffold-Eth, Brownie
    • Building a Frontend Interface with React and Truffle (Election Dapp)
    • State Management in a Dapp with web3-react (Logistics Dapp)
  7. Introductions to the key NFT tools
    • Solidity, Javascript, React, Truffle & Web3
    • All the core basics: How Smart Contracts work (ERC165 ERC20 and erC721) and how to implement with the best practices
    • Web Development under the hood: JSON & API Calls, The EVM - Ethereum Virtual Machine & Ethereum Provider 
    • Working with events and state to build scalable applications
    • Gain a deep knowledge of how NFTs work under the hood from Enumerating, Metadata, Minting, Transferring and more
    • Building Website & Application Fundamentals: HTML, CSS, Javascript including Bootstrap Styling & Material Design
    • React Hooks & Class Components!
    • Reading Documents and Implementing Libraries like Web3
    • How to debug Applications for NFT Blockchain Interaction and API Calls.
    • Styling Applications with “Bootstrap Components" and "CSS Modules"
  8. Writing Smart Contracts
    • Writing Smart Contracts and Building Interfaces of The ERC 721 Standard (NFTs)
    • Sending Http requests & handling transitional States + Responses
    • Handling forms and state updates
    • Migrating and Updating NFT Smart Contracts with Truffle
    • Learn Solidity Fundamentals and Advanced Smart Contract Creation Techniques
    • An in-depth understanding of Truffle Console
    • Developing a Local Environment for building an NFT Marketplace
    • Implementing Authentication
    • Complete Suite Unit Testing With Mocha
    • Learning Modern JavaScript and promises including Async-Await & Axios
    • Building Advanced CSS including Animations
    • Build a landing page and a Weather Application thousands of cities and an NFT Marketplace all from scratch
    • Making clone of Pancake Swap
    • NFT clone and  Deployed via Opensea
  9. Smart Contracts Pitfalls, Testing and Debugging
    • Module 9 Pre-Assessment
    • Writing Tests
      • Catching Solidity Errors in Truffle Tests
    • Smart Contract Best Practices
    • Exploits and Dangers
    • Optimizing Gas
    • Safety Checklist
    • Security Analysis Tools
    • Attack Demos
      • Denial of Service Attack Example
      • Reentrancy Attack Example
      • Integer Over/Underflow Example
    • Module 9 Test
    • Module 9 Recap
    • Feedback up to Module 9
  10. Advanced Topics
    • Fdgs
    • Smart Contract Design Patterns
    • The Ethereum Name Service
    • Introduction to IPFS
    • Upgradable Contracts
    • Oracles with Rhombus
      • Rhombus Network
      • Rhombus Network Tutorial
    • Formal Verification
    • What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?
  11. Live Project:
    • Making ERC20 tokens for Custom Tokens added to Metamask wallet and deployed on Ropsten and Kovan Ethereum test networks; OR,
    • Making and deploying Fullstack application with ERC-41 tokens (NFT-Non Fungible Tokens aka Cryptokitty):Real ESTATE Tokens and Partial Ownership and Royalty for artists,NFT Marketplace; OR,
    • Web 3.0 Version of Decentralised Twitter web application:A decentralized application for social media website twitter. Project contains code for smart contracts, test cases, front-end code; OR,
    • Web 3.0 Version of Decentralised Election web application:A decentralized application holding an election between two candidates. Project contains code for smart contracts, test cases, front-end code; OR,
    • Decentralized Finance Application for Profitable Liquidity, Flashloans; OR,
    • Logistics Tracing application with Ethereum and Ganache:
      • Step #1: Importer requests quotes and orders goods
      • Step #2: Freight forwarder arranges export
      • Step #3: Booking of freight
      • Step #4: Goods to travel to international depot/port
      • Step #5: Goods processed through export customs clearance and placed in transit
      • Step #6: Goods arrive in buyer’s country for import clearance
      • Step #7: Goods are transported from the port to the buyer


  • Frequency: Fortnightly reporting
  • Module-specific and Overall assessment
  • Parameters: based on GitHub submissions


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Technical expert and a passionate trainer having interest in Research & Development, Technical Training and Project Management, with a proven work record of delivering 100+ workshops and training at Companies like Dell, Redbus, Mercedes, RBI, Deloitte, HP

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