Blockchain Basics, Ethereum and Metaverse

English + Hindi
35 hours
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Course Contents

Induction training for new hires to get them project-ready.

Disclaimer: This training will be delivered by one of my team members, who will be assigned by me.

  1. Blockchain Back End and Ethereum > 
  2. Blockchain Front End and Metaverse => 10 hours
    1. Module 1
      1. What is the Metaverse?
      2. What is Three.js?
      3. About 3D Space
      4. A Look Inside a Metaverse
    2. Module 2
      1. Creation of our metaverse development environment
      2. Creation of a 3D scene
      3. Setting the 3D scene lights
      4. Generating a flat space in the metaverse
      5. Generating objects in the metaverse plane
      6. Setting the user movements
    3. Live Project: 6 projects
      1. Making ERC20 tokens for Custom Tokens added to Metamask wallet and deployed on Ropsten and Kovan Ethereum test networks.
      2. Making and deploying Fullstack application with ERC-41 tokens (NFT-Non Fungible Tokens aka Cryptokitty): Real ESTATE Tokens and Partial Ownership and Royalty for artists, NFT Marketplace.
      3. Web 3.0 Version of Decentralised Twitter web application: A decentralized application for social media website Twitter. The project contains code for smart contracts, test cases, and front-end code.
      4. Blockchain Analytics.
      5. Decentralized Finance Application for Profitable Liquidity, Flashloans.
      6. Logistics Tracing application with Ethereum and Ganache:
        1. Step #1: Importer requests quotes and orders goods
        2. Step #2: Freight forwarder arranges export
        3. Step #3: Booking of freight
        4. Step #4: Goods to travel to international depot/port
        5. Step #5: Goods processed through export customs clearance and placed in transit
        6. Step #6: Goods arrive in the buyer’s country for import clearance
        7. Step #7: Goods are transported from the port to the buyer


  • Frequency: Fortnightly reporting
  • Module-specific and Overall assessment
  • Parameters: based on GitHub submissions

Computer Science education and coding knowledge

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Technical expert and a passionate trainer having interest in Research & Development, Technical Training and Project Management, with a proven work record of delivering 100+ workshops and training at Companies like Dell, Redbus, Mercedes, RBI, Deloitte, HP

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