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Course Contents

This program is designed for learners, who are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel, and who would like to work with more advanced features of Microsoft Excel.

Module 1: Microsoft Excel 2016 New Features

This module explains how to use some new features to help you efficiently and effectively create and edit workbooks.

  1. Excel 2016 Overview
  2. Basics of Excel
  3. Shortcuts of Excel

Module 2: Working with Formulas

  1. Text function – Left, Right, Mid, Upper, Lower, Proper, Concatenate Etc
  2. Statistical function – Sum. Max, Min, Large, Small, Average Etc
  3. Date/Time Functions: Using The TODAY, NOW & DATE Functions  

Module 3: More Statistical Functions: 

  1. Using The SUMIF/COUNTIF, COUNTA, RANK Functions 
  2. Using The AVERAGE

Module 4: Chart Data Techniques: 

  1. The Chart Wizard  
  2. Chart Types
  3. Adding Title/Legends/Labels  
  4. Printing Charts 
  5. Adding Data to a Chart 
  6. Formatting/Renaming/Deleting Data Series  
  7. Changing the Order of Data Series  
  8. Adding Trend Line, Display data on Secondary Axis
  9. Combo Charts

Module 5: Formulas and Auditing Worksheets

  1. Working with Functions
  2. Writing conditional expressions (using IF)
  3. Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)


  1. Using lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, IFERROR)
  2. VLOOKUP with Exact Match, Approximate Match
  4. VLOOKUP with MATCH for 2D lookup
  5. Reverse Lookup with INDEX and MATCH
  6. What is XLOOKUP? - Learn about the new XLOOKUP function and how to use it for vertical lookups
  7. Tracing Precedents
  8. Tracing Dependents
  9. Showing Formulas

Module 7: Data Tools

Data Tools in Microsoft Excel are tools which make it easy to manipulate data. Some of them are intended to save you time by extracting or joining data and others perform complex calculations. This module covers the most commonly used Data Tools.

  1. Converting Text to Columns
  2. Linking to External Data
  3. Controlling Calculation Options
  4. Data Validation
  5. Goal Seek
  6. Protection

Module 8: Random Useful Items

This module explains how to use some useful tricks and tools in Excel.

  1. Spark-lines
  2. Importing and Exporting Files
  3. Protecting cell
  4. Locking and unlocking of cells
  5. Applying Password to protect worksheet and workbooks

Module 9: Using Pivot Tables

This is module explains how to work with pivot tables.

  1. Creating Pivot Tables and PowerPivot
  2. Inserting Slicers
  3. Working with Pivot Tables
  4. Inserting Pivot Charts
  5. More Pivot Table Functionality

Module 10: Introduction to Dashboards:

  1. What are they for?
  2. What do they look like?
  3. What elements are included in a typical dashboard?

Module 11: Dashboard elements:

  1. Chart/Graphs and Spark-lines
  2. Conditional Formatting (incl. flags, shapes and other indicators)
  3. Use slicers to filter data
  4. Create a PivotTable timeline
  5. Create a standalone PivotChart

Module 12: Recording and Using Macros

As you work with Excel, you may find that you repeat certain operations frequently. Instead of performing each step of the operation, you can create a macro that stores these steps. You can then run the macro, or let Excel perform the steps for you, saving you both time and effort.

  1. Recording Macros
  2. Running Macros
  3. Editing Macros
  4. Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar


​Learners attending this training should be familiar with the basic operations in Microsoft Excel.

Instructor Profile


Ritu is an expert in Microsoft Office & Power BI with core developmental skills in MS-Excel, MS-Access, VBA, Advanced Excel, RDBMS, and all other areas of data management. She has also written a book on Advance Excel 2016.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Training Recordings
  • Training Resources
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