Adaptive Communication

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Participants are introduced to a simple 3-Step process that helps them become more adaptive to the context and maturity level of person or group they are engaging with. 

This training uses examples and role-play activities to bring out the learning points and help them embrace the ideas more completely. 

Content is ideally positioned for Managers and above, professionals with 10 to 25 years of work experience. Delivery style will be adapted keeping the maturity of the audience in mind.   

The program factors that people in these roles have ongoing interactions with Peers, Seniors, Juniors, Clients/ Vendors. 

The simple 3-Step Model: 

  1. Understanding 
  2. Conveying 
  3. Progressing

Here is the break down of the sub-topics under each Step. 

1. Understanding:

The objective here is to understand the Context and Maturity level of the person/ audience with whom the interaction is taking place 

For this the program takes a deep-dive into following skills: 

  • Asking Questions
    - Participants learn the value of framing questions and how different types of questions elicit different types of responses
    - Participants are also introduced to ideas on how to approach asking/ framing questions for different personality types 
  • Listening
    - It is quite a waste if someone asks Questions and does not have the right listening capabilities
    - In this part of the program participants are taught on what to listen for (Content, Context, Intent) and how to demonstrate that they have heard 

2. Conveying:

Once we have a clear idea of the Context and Maturity of the person/ audience, we can move into conveying our message, thoughts and points.

The 2 aspects of Conveying  

  • Placing your ideas when they are complex or involve many points 
    - Holding and keeping attention of the person/ audience you are engaging with is crucial. 
    - This portion of the program shares simple techniques on how participants can engage and hold attention 
  • Keeping a collaborative, progressive tone  
    - Crucial to conveying your point is keeping doors open for conversations to continue even if there are disagreements 
    - This part of the program helps participants understand their natural communication style (Aggressive, Assertive, Submissive) and how to become more collaborative 


3. Progressing

Finally, each quality conversation/ engagement needs to establish the next step, the direction, the progress. Even if there is an inconclusive outcome, quality engagements ensure that clarity (an acknowledgement that ... )

This part of the program focuses on: 

  • Concluding a conversation 
    - Having heard & shared each other's thoughts, and having understood the intent, another crucial aspect of adaptive communication is concluding the conversation appropriately 
    - The program explores the different options (Proposing next steps or an action plan, agreeing to disagree, silence, disengaging, ...) and how to apply them in the flow

Each aspect of the learning is supported with Activities and/or Role-plays to bring out the learning in practice and make it easier for participants to absorb the teach-points. 

This program is ideally suited for Managers and above, professionals with 10 to 25 years of work experience. 

Instructor Profile


B2B Sales Trainer, Coach, Consultant. Global Experience. 30+ years in Business Development, Business Leadership & Management.

This course includes:

  • 100% Online Sessions
  • Instructor led
  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Customizable Schedule
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