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Predictive Analytics program - Using Orange

Training Overview

Learn about foundation in data science, using a structured methodology, including working on exploratory data analysis, data wrangling and preprocessing.The learners will be able to build Supervised and Unsupervised Learning models without coding. As a Data Scientist, you will be learning the importance of Machine Learning and its implementation without having to code in python programming language.Predictive Analytics falls under the broad umbrella of data analytics. The four-pillar approach of Descriptive Analytics - What Happened?Diagnostic Analytics - Why Did it Happen?Predictive Analytics - What Happens If? Prescriptive Analytics - How to Make it HappenWhile Descriptive Analytics talk about how the things are going currently, Predictive Analytics forecasts the future performance. This next generation analytics technique extends beyond measuring and describing the past to predicting what is likely to happen in future. Predictive Analytics forms the basis of Data Science. Participants are required to work on minimum one project
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