What exactly can you do with Python?

By StepUpwards Team, 12th April 2022

Still unaware of the capabilities of Python? Let us take you through the fascinating world of Python.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, with C++, C, and Java on the cusp of being phased out, therefore its applications are worth learning about. Python language supports an operating system that is cross-platform and can be used to build different applications thereby creating a convenient environment for its users. 

Let’s check out a few major applications of Python worth knowing -

Web Development

Python is primarily used for building web frameworks like Flask, and Django that have become extremely necessary, and popular requirements for website development. These web frameworks basically allow us to develop backend codes in Python. Web frameworks come along with their own special features. It can be used for building web applications though it is never used in a web browser. The website applications that can be created in Python are usually made with the Django, and Flask modules.

Let's look at how Django and Flask vary from one another. If you have a need for learning opportunities, such as wanting to manage the databases with which you want to interact, then opt for the Flask module. Django, on the other hand, keeps the focus on the end result, such as when working on direct applications such as a news site or a blog with components that have just one method of accomplishing things.

Data Science

The three primary fields of data science are data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages among data scientists. If you're wondering why Python and data science go well together, it's important to understand that Python is an object-oriented high-level programming language. This is the primary reason data scientists adopt this language since it is straightforward to learn and understand. Furthermore, it contains mathematical functions and modules that make it simple to solve challenges for data analysis.

Python is a programming language that teaches developers how to produce clean, logical code for both small and large-scale products. It has a key characteristic that allows it to be used for more complicated and bigger projects using several programming paradigms.

There are certain algorithms of machine learning that include neural networks, supporting vector machines, random forest, and deep learning. There are so many different popular machine learning frameworks, and libraries namely TensorFlow, and sci-kit-learn. Basically, TensorFlow gives you the liberty to build machine learning algorithms that are custom made, whereas the sci-kit learn can make life easier for those understanding machine learning very recently.


Scripting is a term used to describe the process of building small programs that are used to automate simple operations. Scripting may be used to get minor tasks organized and follow a pattern without requiring user involvement. Python is now one of the most powerful scripting languages available, capable of automating a variety of activities with minimal effort. Python is also liked since it has clear syntax and is very simple to put down. Moreover, it can also be written quickly and tested with simpler objects.


It can be said that Python is a rather simple and easy-to-write coding language and this is why it is most preferred in the world of coding. The only drawback that Python has is that till now it has not been able to get itself used over JavaScript in the process of desktop applications. Python is indeed a good choice for writing server-side or backend code.

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