Make LinkedIn a Professional Power Tool

By StepUpwards Team, 17th October 2021

Build a digital persona that highlights your value & strengths

Did your company just hit a milestone that you’re very proud of? Sharing your story might just help you hit your second milestone faster. Here’s how!

LinkedIn is a 750+ million user professional platform with 61 million Senior-level Influencers, 46 million Decision Makers (Source: LinkedIn), and 8.2 million C-level Executives (Source: LinkedIn) who focus on lead generation, recruitment, and business development.

The best part? Most of its utilities are accessible at no cost!

The trick is to build a digital brand persona on LinkedIn and regularly share your professional milestones and learnings. By doing this, you can form a strong network and attract great traction from dream clients and top talent.

However, in a sea of content and social media platforms, it can seem daunting to build a profile that stands out. Though it may seem simple to put together a page that looks more or less like a digital résumé for your business, it takes knowing the insider tips and tricks to ensure your profile flows seamlessly and is optimized for your business goals. Moreover, there is a need for content to be written in a distinct style and format that stands out - which many tend to ignore.

Contrary to what one might believe, a LinkedIn profile is not only used to find jobs or recruit talent. It has a lot more potential and can serve as a strong tool to help you achieve your business goals, be it brand outreach, lead generation, or networking. Here are the different possibilities -

Research Tool

It can be used as a research tool to conduct surveys and reach out to individuals who fall in your target audience. Send them a simple message requesting for their time to hop on a call or fill out a form and in all likelihood, they will be happy to help. Since LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, people are more open to forming collaborations and networking with one another.

Digital Résumé

It is a common misconception that if you have a job / own a company - you don’t need to update your résumé. A résumé is not only a recruitment tool but also a networking and collaborative tool. Listing and highlighting your strengths, skills, experiences, and interests on your LinkedIn profile will make you a more approachable individual - one that potential clients and collaborators can know more about and connect with. For instance, including client referrals in your LinkedIn profile provides more credibility of your products/services and hence, can help you attract more clients - which makes it a free marketing tool!

Lead Generator

If you are a professional or a company representative offering services, LinkedIn can be your gold mine! Since the platform attracts professionals from all walks of life, you are certain to find potential clients who require your services. Once you learn how to write content that sells, attracts attention, gains traction, and converts clients, you can use your profile to grow your business exponentially.

Networking Hub

Networking is key for anyone in the professional world irrespective of whether you are a student, a business owner, a working professional, or a startup founder. The more contacts you make the better your chances are to strike a deal. With features such as InMail and Connection Requests, LinkedIn serves as the ideal platform to forge long-lasting professional relationships - those that have the potential to boost your business and achieve your target goals. 

Digital Community

LinkedIn groups and pages are a great way to encourage community building and for like-minded individuals to connect. Several LinkedIn pages and groups have attracted millions of followers.

Attract Target Audience

The digital world is full of insider tips and tricks that understand how algorithms work and help you optimize the same. One such marketing technique is AIDA (Attract Interest Desire Action). As the name refers it is an end-to-end solution towards closing client deals. This technique is best utilized on LinkedIn - a hub of professionals looking to fulfill their business needs.

AIDA links to the psychological responses of the audience to your content. Hence, using well-thought content - such as LinkedIn posts - you can determine the path that your users take on getting exposed to that content. First, grab their Attention. Second, generate Interest in your brand/offering. Third, stimulate Desire for your product/service. Fourth and final, drive the intended Action - profile follow, web traffic, product purchase, etc. - using what’s called a CTA (Call-To-Action).

Strengthen Brand Language

If you are a business owner or a professional managing a business’ marketing platforms, you should know that all employees will follow your brand page on LinkedIn. To continue attracting top talent and keeping things exciting for your current workforce, it is important to interact with them regularly as a community.

Learn how to develop a brand language for LinkedIn and identify the various topics you must touch upon on your brand page. Through this, you can drive engagement, interactions, and point them towards the direction of new brand developments that need more attention.

The impact LinkedIn has had on the professional world is HUGE. Today, a LinkedIn check is a mandatory step before forming any sort of professional alliance between two people or organizations. And so, your profile can make or break a potential collaboration.

It is never too early to build a LinkedIn profile that gets RESULTS; so learn how to create, set up and manage one today!

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