11 Excel Hacks You Need To Know Now

By StepUpwards Team, 6th June 2022

Become an Excel guru with these engaging 11 hacks!

There's nothing quite like learning a good hack, especially one for Microsoft Excel.

It's enough to make anyone go cross-eyed learning to edit and analyse thousands of rows of data. So, who wouldn't want to learn a method that promises to save them time, tension, and effort?

Since its release in 1985, this software has been standing strong and helps boost one’s productivity and efficiency in performing calculations. One can manage huge databases to perform data analysis and reduce the cost of their businesses efficiently.

Learn these exciting tricks mentioned below to utilize the capabilities of excel to its fullest!

11 Excel Hacks You Need To Know Now - 2022

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are a cool way to save yourself time while using Microsoft Excel. There are tons of shortcuts that allow you to swiftly do things without the help of a mouse. ALT key is called the master key that is present on both sides of the spacebar. There’s a reason it is called the magic key, it is a modifier key that changes functions of other keys.

2. Filtering Data

Another very basic function of Microsoft Excel is using the sort and filter function. It is mainly used to rearrange and make summary of a huge data pile. For performing this function a quick shortcut can be to used - CTRL + SHIFT + L -  or you may choose this option from the menu on your excel sheet.

3. Adding New Row or Column

On an excel spreadsheet, you can directly add rows or columns using the insert options. But did you know there is also a shortcut - CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS - that can be used to keep adding on columns or rows? This hack can be useful when you are working on huge databases.

4. AutoFill

Excel is interestingly designed by Microsoft and it can help users to easily fill in the data. Now you do not have to waste time by writing the same number data or a number series. You can use the repeat feature to automatically fill the same data.

5. Flash Fill

When you use the flash fill feature in a particular row or column then automatically excel will give you suggestions based on recognizing that pattern. This is also called the time-saving hack that aids in filling data on an automation mode by just hitting enter.

6. Paste Special

Everyone is aware of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcuts by now. The  paste special option can become the most used shortcut when you want to turn columns into rows or the other way around. There is no need to shuffle between data by moving from one cell to another, instead just use the “Paste Special” option and then see the “Transpose” option. Click on OK, to paste your desired data.

7. Work Without Scrolling

You may feel irritated when you have to keep scrolling up and down your spreadsheet, especially when working with large amount of data. Stop sweating it, excel has a Pushing Command (Ctrl + Arrow Key) that when used can bring you directly onto the top row or column of the Excel spreadsheet.

8. Data Validation

You may often make worksheets using Microsoft Excel for professional use that may be utilized by others, where, knowing data validation is a boon. This function helps to keep all things at check in an organized manner with the use of a drop-down menu. It will stop others from putting any wrong entry into the sheet. 

9. Making a Worksheet Copy

When you are using Microsoft Excel for office use there can be sheets that are used monthly having the same formats as a monthly report. So there is no need to remake the same kind of sheets regularly from scratch. You can simply make another exact copy of your worksheet.

10. Single Click Cell Selection

The most common shortcut used for selecting all the cells in an excel workbook is CTRL + A. But there is also another cool way to select every cell in the workbook. Once you click the corner button of the excel sheet you will see that with just one single click you can select every cell and perform all kinds of modification in a worksheet at once.

11. Shuffling Through Different Workbooks

If you are someone shuffling through different spreadsheets trying to analyze data then it can get frustrating shifting between files. But excel hack number 11 is using CTRL + Tab that lets you toggle in between multiple excel sheets with ease. 


There is nothing better than mastering a useful excel hack. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, these 11 Excel Hacks can make your lives easier where data management is concerned. 

Instead of beating your head surfing the internet, reading this article can help you dissect the data like a pro. Now you can minimize the clicking of your mouse, you can maximize your productivity by making use of these excellent excel tips.

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