10 of the Best Tools for Social Media Marketing

By StepUpwards Team, 3rd May 2022

Are you constantly thinking about new ways to promote your content?

Whenever you come across a post do you immediately start picturing your ad?

We are here today with a list of some of the top-rated social media marketing tools to chalk out a master plan for your business. Let go of the constant worries; sit back and relax with the automated mode of these tools.

Marketing using social media requires patience and perseverance and with the right tools, you can transform a business completely. The tools listed below will educate, and assist you on how to grow your brand presence online, and give a boost to your customer engagement. 

Let’s dig into these tools and explore what wonders they can do! 

10 Of the Best Tools for Social Media Marketing - 2022 

1. Hootsuite                                        

The first mention on our list is Hootsuite. They are a social media management platform functioning since 2008 that handles all social media channels. Hootsuite has a dashboard that extensively manages multiple social media profiles where content can be easily curated. The content may even be scheduled based on the requirements of the business. 

With Hootsuite, you can analyze the performance of your campaign and the engagement of viewers. Along with offering a 30-day trial, Hootsuite also has an educational academy where learning is accessible with paid certifications. These certifications enable the business to equip itself with the desired skills.

2. Buzzsumo 

Buzzsumo, launched in the year 2014, is a content marketing data-driven tool that has been loved by creators worldwide. Without proper research, marketing is a big failure, and Buzzsumo will help you understand exactly what your competitors are doing well.

You as businesses or even individuals can count on Buzzsumo. With this super tool, you can easily do a competitor analysis and decide with which channel you shall continue for maximum results. With the paid version of Buzzsumo, you can even get a taste of everything unlimited.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot, one of the most famous tools, is considered one of the best tools for social media marketing. This is an all-rounder it can swiftly optimize, and track conversions of the leads in a close-knitted CRM system. CRM tracks social media performance directly across every available channel.

This helps in simplifying the process of inbound marketing. Moreover, HubSpot also helps in search engine optimization including tracking of all high-ranking keywords thereby allowing the site ranking to improve drastically.

4. Buffer 

Another social media marketing tool that supports automation features is Buffer. Buffer allows the posting of social media-related content through varied social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter concerning the desired timing. The unique thing about Buffer is that content can be posted using the web extension even while browsing the web.

Some of the cool features supported by Buffer are queuing, engagement, team management, and analytics features. Buffer is trusted by tons of brands, agencies, and businesses that use this platform to measure social media marketing performances.

5. Biteable

Did you know visual content posted on social media gets far more audience engagement than just simple text? 

Creating appealing content can take your marketing plan a notch higher. Biteable can smoothly help create bite-sized crisp, and appealing social media videos that can be fun to share through social media.

6. Google Analytics

If you’re using social media to spread word about your brand, use Google Analytics to track the incoming traffic on your site and see if your efforts are working.

7. Sprinklr 

Sprinklr allows leveraging the popular social media marketing channels to create brand awareness. This platform is designed to generate leads and uses channels to connect, engage, and listen to the customers. Sprinklr is a solution that helps in accumulating reports from multiple social channels to find how effective the ROI is.

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social again gets a mention in this article because this is yet another social media management tool that gives a 360-degree approach to team collaboration, content publication, and analytics. It gives a trial period of 30 days that comes free of cost and lets your business discover how social media experience can be humanized.

9. Bitly

Bitly is a tool that shortens any long URL into a more trackable one. Long links are difficult to remember and less clickable. Using Bitly will help increase the user clicks to around 34% more. Why do prefer people Bitly? Because it has a feature that gives the users a chance to monitor clicks even geographical location-wise. It will help analyze and monitor the preferences of the audience based on the different social media channels.

10. SocialPilot

Another tool that is worth mentioning is Social Pilot, which is a social media managing and marketing tool. The Social Pilot tool allows businesses to be on auto-pilot mode when setting up profiles, to publishing posts. Not only this, it even addresses the need of analyzing the performance of their posts.


These social media tools optimize your reach and engagement only by using user preference data. So, it’s a must to enter the right and verified data for the tools to give you accurate results. All the tools are pro for performing detailed tasks like content monitoring, auditing, and analyzing social media campaigns. Unless you try out one of these tools, you cannot realize its efficacy!

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